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The beautiful and environmentally friendly handmade rattan and wood furniture are deeply loved by people

by:Modern Century     2021-09-05
With the continuous improvement of the level of craftsmanship, the current handmade rattan furniture is not only beautiful in appearance but also low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It is a veritable green furniture. The rattan furniture is made of natural rattan and combined with traditional handmade techniques, so that the home creates a natural and romantic atmosphere. Rattan furniture is a kind of ancient furniture in our country, and handmade rattan furniture has gradually become popular in the past ten years. The craftsmanship can be divided into two categories, one is the production process of pure rattan furniture; the other is the rattan mixed with rattan and wood. The craftsmanship of similar furniture. Rattan furniture is classical and beautiful in appearance, and is well received by people, and the production technology is developing rapidly. Nowadays, the various exquisite rattan furniture on the market often make consumers dizzy. Although there are many advantages of rattan furniture, because the quality of rattan is also good and bad, there are also know-how when purchasing. Take a closer look at the choice of material rattan. The long, well-proportioned rattan without variegation is the high-quality rattan. Inferior vines are thinner, have low toughness, and have low tensile strength and are easily broken. Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rain forest area, with frequent volcanic activity, abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and fertile volcanic ash soil, which makes the vines produced there famous for its full and well-proportioned texture. Observe whether the overall color of rattan furniture is consistent, whether the bonding part is stable, and whether the appearance is correct are the main factors to test its quality. For rattan chairs with seat cushions, carefully observe whether the arc of the seat cushion matches the arc of the furniture, whether the fabric patterns are neatly spliced, and whether the dental floss is smooth and straight. Rattan furniture not only retains the simple and elegant features, but also adds modern and fashionable elements. Rattan furniture used to give people a simple and simple feeling, but now the rattan furniture has jumped out of the traditional frame in shape, and has a unique leisurely atmosphere. Especially the classic European-style rattan and wood furniture, coupled with elegant and generous British fabrics, the feeling of elegance and leisure is beyond the expression of other furniture. Many rattan and wood furniture on the market are designed and made with smooth and soft lines, luxurious and comfortable shapes, and quite elegant temperament. Classic, modern and neo-classical are all available, so that rattan and wood furniture does not lose its simple, natural, fresh and refreshing characteristics, and full of It has a modern atmosphere and stylish features. Rattan furniture is made from natural rattan materials through traditional handcrafting, which reduces processing pollution. It is a veritable green furniture. Because of the advantages of rattan furniture, rattan furniture naturally creates a leisure and romance for the home. atmosphere of. Come and buy a hand-made rattan furniture and create your own space. Rattan furniture
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