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The best time to enjoy outdoor furniture is the collision with the sun in autumn

by:Modern Century     2021-07-30
Now, in the eyes of people who pay more and more attention to family life, family space may not be limited to everything in the room. Just like the afternoon of spring, the evening of summer, the morning of autumn, the warm sun of winter, the moments of enjoying life, have become the latest home life experience pursued by contemporary people. Maybe you don't need to build your outdoor house into a comfortable multifunctional space, such as the Sky Garden of Babylon, because even the smallest terrace can meet your needs. For example, a hammock hung on a balcony or facade can replace beach chairs or deck chairs and bring the same elegance. A set of metal or wooden shelves, plus small pots of climbing plants or aromatic herbs, can create a three-dimensional garden at home. The terrace and balcony are a multifunctional space in themselves. Therefore, placing an accessory or furniture in its center or public area usually gives it a clear functional orientation. At the same time, the choice of color is also very important. Choosing a personal home color system can actually bring a lot of self-evident personality to the balcony or terrace. For example, neutral colors can inspire a minimalist or elegant modern lifestyle. Latin-style bright colors can make outdoor spaces interesting. The interior decoration is inspired by the outdoors, which may be a bold fusion of styles, often colliding with unexpected types and effects. If you want to camp at home with your good friends, you can decorate or even replace chairs with cushions of different shapes, sizes and colors to bring more personality and characteristics to your outdoor space. For example, natural rattan, due to its durability and popularity, is suitable for outdoor spaces, and will become a good choice to create an outdoor style that suits your personality. If an outdoor space has many different characteristics, it is more likely to be praised and impressed.
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