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The choice of rattan sofa reflects the personality of the owner

by:Modern Century     2021-09-11
Sofas can be divided into five categories: leather, fabric, natural rattan, and plastic. The plastic inflatable sofa is light, simple, generous, and diverse in styles. It is a new generation of indoor furniture that can be made into any cartoon shape, which is especially suitable for children. However, plastics, especially some low-quality plastics, will pollute the air. The rattan sofa is fresh, natural, simple and clean. It looks simple and natural, more elegant, and has a charm. It makes people express a kind of kindness and refreshing from the bottom of the heart, which is more eye-catching in the hot summer. Walking through the reinforced concrete buildings in the city, several flexible and solid rattan sofas with an oriental atmosphere will remind people of the tranquil and distant classical feelings. The rattan sofa is made of fine natural rattan, which can reduce the pollution of chemical products. It is a kind of natural and environmentally friendly rattan furniture. At the same time, the rattan sofa has been treated with drugs when it is made, and it is not easy to be moth-eaten and deformed. When cleaning, it is also very simple, just wipe it with a slightly damp cloth. Rattan sofa is a sofa made of textile fabrics. The fabric is generally soft to the touch and rich in patterns, so this type of sofa has the characteristics of round lines, free sitting and lying, novel shapes, and diverse styles, which make people feel at ease and relax both physically and mentally. As a furniture, the rattan sofa has very good flexibility and adaptability. It is suitable for various types of rooms. For different types of rooms, there are fabric sofas of different colors for selection. However, it is more difficult to clean the fabric, and it is easy to grow mites. Leather sofa has been loved by people for a long time because of its magnificent, luxurious style, strong and durable characteristics. The color of traditional leather sofas is more monotonous and deep, mainly black and brown, and the shape is dignified but not lively enough. Modern leather sofas are bright and rich in color, light in shape, soft, and very modern and fashionable. But the maintenance cost is higher.
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