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The cleaning and maintenance of rattan chairs must be read by those who love rattan furniture

by:Modern Century     2021-10-22
The Dongguan Wicker Chair Factory will lead the guys to find out.  The rattan chair is a relatively soft and comfortable chair. It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is well maintained. A rattan chair can be used for a long, long time. What method should we use to maintain it? This is something that needs attention.   1. Clean up with water, if not, apply a layer of paint. The rattan is often painted or dyed. If it is dirty, it needs to be cleaned. If the cleaning still does not make it look new, you can use a method called 'rubbing the surface' or apply a thin coat of paint. Usually Can remove stains.  2. Use a knife to remove the soiled part that is not coated. Shovel off the local stains and paint again, or simply apply the paint all over. When shoveling off the stains, dip it in a good oil-based paint, and then apply the paint. It is best to repaint after cleaning. 3. Special treatment of damaged parts. For rolled and damaged paint, you can use the 'rubbing' method. The tools used are the same as those mentioned above. Sometimes liquid scrubbing agent is needed. The scrubbing time must be long enough, so use a brush to wipe it. However, it cannot be scraped off the surface like painted wooden furniture. It must be tilted and the tightly knitted part is above, so that the remaining liquid will flow to the loosely knitted part and not accumulate in the tightly knitted part. superior.   4. Repaint the paint. After the rattan furniture is dry, the next step is to paint again. The paint is best to use spraying method, so that all corners and recesses can be painted, and then spray paint after dyeing. Care should be taken to prevent polyurethane from curing into a plastic surface layer, which is very hard and brittle and may cause cracks in all curved parts.   Let’s not just know the reason but don’t know the reason. Now that we understand the many benefits of sitting on a wicker chair, we must know how to maintain it. First, we can’t waste it, and second, the longer this thing is, the more comfortable it will be. Therefore, I hope that after reading this article, everyone will take good care of rattan chairs and rattan furniture.
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