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The courtyard creates a leisure and living area

by:Modern Century     2021-08-02
People usually choose decoration projects inside the house to increase the value of the house, and often ignore the appreciation ability of the landscape gardening to the house. Courtyard design is an art that considers various elements and comprehensively configures. If you want to make the backyard bright, then act quickly this autumn~ Leisure life is no longer just a matter under the eaves, and the design texture of the outdoor field is definitely not to be ignored. It's time to decorate the outdoor space beautifully! This is here to take everyone into the season of the sun spreading in advance, um... dressing up the courtyard in a western style is the kingly way! Whether it is a large open garden or a small courtyard, the planning of plants and trees and the combination of outdoor furniture are definitely the two main points to make the garden romantic and comfortable. Intersperse a rest area in the yard, you might as well set aside an area, build a platform, and put comfortable outdoor furniture. A wall or under a tree is a good choice, both stable and private. The pillars and fabrics of the drapery echo the bamboo forest behind them, and the diagonally supported pillars are as tall and tough as bamboo poles, but a few strokes have no meaning. The addition of interspersed fruit orange cushions is the easiest and easiest way to add points to the existing courtyard, hurry up and act, autumn is here! Parthenocissus, mountain grape, ivy, green saplings, etc. are all climbing vine plants that are easy to maintain. Planted in pots and grown on the wall, you can have a vigorous green wall. Relying on the stacking of bags is exquisite. The multi-layer package stacking combination method is very popular in home furnishing. This method is not only used in the living room, but also extends to the courtyard. The arrangement should follow the rules of small front and large, interspersed colors, and the final layering effect will be More abundant. In the courtyard where the shadows of the trees are whirling, the platform on the ground and the sunken seats create an interesting contrast, forming a richly layered picture with the buildings standing beside it. The sunken seat is grounded. Compared with the seats on the platform, the seats in the pit have a stronger sense of belonging and intimacy. Coupled with the shielding of parasols and trees, it must be a very popular area in the courtyard. The bright yellow woven seats immediately add a sense of fashion to the plain and natural courtyard, and are also a good idea to rejuvenate the courtyard. The bright colors and exaggerated shapes of the woven chair are eye-catching. If you want a new look for the courtyard to bring new vitality to the courtyard, you might as well start with design furniture. Shade a shade for the courtyard. In addition to blocking the sun, the decoration of the sky above the courtyard can also play with many new tricks, such as balloons, lanterns, flowers, kites, etc., brainstorming, make your courtyard high!
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