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The courtyard life of a famous family with courtyard tables and chairs, free and easy temperament emerges spontaneously!

by:Modern Century     2021-07-24
Even if you have a patio table and chairs, how can you create the courtyard life of a famous family? How to bring out the free and easy temperament? There is a good saying, 'Three cups of wine, one pot of tea for the great cause of the future'! Tea is a sacred tree. She is a pure and righteous, avoiding dust, avoiding noise, avoiding oil, and avoiding mutton. She is an elite breath bred by the sun and the moon. She matches. If the fire is too dry, steep, or stuffy for a long time, you won’t get the true taste. Drinking tea is a kind of state of mind, a quiet practice behind the glitz! Drinking tea is about the realm and thinking about the life pattern. The more you talk, the more open you are. The more you drink tea, the clearer you are. The more logical and clearer your thinking. Putting a set of tea-drinking utensils in the courtyard improves the overall free and easy temperament of your home. Drinking tea is a state of mind, feeling that the body and mind are purified. Drinking tea is a kind of sentiment, the silence that is still lingering; when drinking tea, it is a kind of emotion, the sadness of smiling and frowning. The new product of Modern Century outdoor leisure furniture, Yunmengzhijing series, this product lies in its influence on courtyard life. Improve, let the free and easy temperament emerge spontaneously, and the reputation of the famous family will also rise! The tea table of Yunmengzhijing series is engraved with the preface of 'Tao De JingThe wood grain on its surface is clearly visible. The wood material is selected from South American golden nanmu. The frame is made of high-quality aluminum alloy material, which makes the stone monument and the overall stability more solid. The tea table necessary for drinking tea, let the family family mention the height of the famous family, and the free and easy temperament is born!
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