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The development process of rattan furniture in the home furnishing industry

by:Modern Century     2021-09-14
The development history of rattan furniture in the home furnishing industry Rattan furniture is relatively ancient furniture in our country, and its development and utilization have a long history. In the Han Dynasty long ago, most of the furniture used in people’s bedrooms were Mats and beds, among which some of the mats are made of rattan. The collective name of rattan mat and chairman is 簟, which was a relatively advanced mat at that time. Nowadays, many people’s homes still have rattan and wood furniture left by the older generations. In fact, there is a bamboo leisure rattan mat in my old home in the country. In summer, it’s special to lie on it without blowing a fan. Cool, when I was young, I lay on it with my brother and watched the moon and counted the stars. In which era, televisions have not spread to every household, and the technology is not so developed. Therefore, the hand-woven rattan furniture industry has developed relatively fast, regardless of the number of factories, sales, scale or product. The structure, style, craftsmanship, design, and product sales have all been greatly developed. Slowly, rattan furniture has become a highly unified technology and materials, value and use, artistic modeling and function. Nowadays, rattan furniture in the furniture market is full of competitiveness and attraction, and there are many more competitors. Now my country's rattan furniture is well-known and sold all over the world, bringing elegance, tranquility, simplicity and freshness to the lives of people in all countries. The idyllic atmosphere makes people feel as if they are in nature, it is beautiful and comfortable, and it can radiate unlimited vitality and vitality. With more and more friends who love rattan furniture, rattan furniture is more and more useful, such as rattan chairs, rattan beds, rattan sofas, rattan hanging baskets, etc., as if everything can be woven with rattan. Rattan furniture on the market is more expensive, because its production is not a factory machine that can replace it, but is made step by step, and after the manual weaving is completed, it is not completed yet, and it needs to be manually polished, manual stickers, and It is necessary to paint by a professional painter, and of course to apply the non-toxic and odorless environmentally friendly paint. These are steps that cannot be replaced by machines and cannot be omitted. For more rattan weaving project consultation, please contact: Manager Li 13794626722 (WeChat synchronization) Rattan Furniture Website:
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