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The importance of outdoor umbrellas to coffee shops and milk tea shops

by:Modern Century     2021-08-08
Summer is here, in addition to the necessary sunscreen, parasols are also indispensable. When you go out for a cup of coffee, you have to be under the umbrella to have FEEL! Outside the cafe, we often see outside parasols, and people’s first impression of a store is often from it. So, in addition to the important task of the facade, do umbrellas actually contribute to the promotion of consumption? Between an ordinary parasol and a high-quality parasol, how should a cafe choose? 1. When shopping, do consumers really pay attention to the outdoor umbrellas outside the cafe? When shopping, if the outdoor umbrellas in the store are particularly attractive or unsightly, you will pay special attention to them. When shopping, you will pay attention to the umbrellas of the merchants; white-collar professionals aged 26-35 account for the two groups. The vast majority. 2. In the eyes of consumers, what is a good outdoor umbrella? Must have both aesthetics, safety and shading performance. 3. What is the mood of consumers when they see that the fixed awnings or umbrellas at the entrance of the cafe are tattered and the color has faded? I think that if a store’s outdoor umbrellas are in tatters and the colors have faded, it will affect their mood of consumption, and some even choose to leave. This shows the importance of umbrellas for the hygiene, safety and good brand image of a coffee shop or milk tea shop. 4. Under what circumstances are consumers willing to sit outside the cafe? You can't get sun with umbrellas, petty bourgeoisie, not stuffy (the indoor air-conditioning air does not circulate in summer), and you can see different kinds of scenery. This shows that cafes can attract and retain more consumers by providing facilities with outdoor parasols and outdoor seats. 5. If you have a good umbrella, will you choose to sit outdoors next time you come? Among these affirmative answers, most consumers believe that dining or consumption at businesses that provide outdoor parasols makes people feel happy and can get closer to nature, especially in summer while enjoying the sun while enjoying the scenery and relaxing themselves. To sum up: having a beautiful and decent umbrella will definitely improve the temperament of cafes, milk tea shops, and restaurants; it can create elegant and comfortable outdoor spaces for coffee lovers without worrying They won't come back! Choose outdoor parasols, awnings and outdoor tables and chairs, Modern Century is your good choice! ! !
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