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The main flow of outdoor leisure furniture has three areas

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
The main flow of outdoor leisure furniture is in three areas, one is for commercial use, the other is for leisure, and the third is for individual users.

1. Commercial, mainly refers to the use of outdoor leisure furniture to reflect the company's image and promote the company's products, such as Coca-Cola's sun umbrella, chain home real estate's conjoined folding tables and chairs, Susie Wong's awning, cany plastic beer table, Peacock City The parasols, etc., are typical representatives of commercial outdoor leisure furniture. In order to play a role in publicity, these outdoor furniture will generally be printed with Logo or product text, and play an advertising role through continuous outdoor display.

Second, leisure. The difference between leisure and commercial use is that they generally do not print advertisements on outdoor leisure furniture. The main purpose of using outdoor furniture is for comfort and leisure, usually in leisure places. Recently, we visited 798 Art District, Sanlitun Bar Street, Houhai Bar Street and other places to observe the scale and current situation of various outdoor leisure furniture use here, study their structure and quality, and explore various outdoor furniture here. The types and prospects of the use of furniture. Through observation, we found a lot. For example, the leisure area is happy to use some new trendy shading facilities, price and style are the most concerned factors when buying large quantities, and so on.

Outdoor furniture for leisure users is a big market in big cities. Various cafes, bars, restaurants, wedding photography and other places are using various styles of outdoor leisure furniture to enhance the leisure atmosphere. Therefore, in the sale of outdoor furniture, special care should be taken to this type of customer group. First, they are the pioneers following the trend of leisure. When new styles of outdoor leisure furniture appear, they will follow the trend, weed out the old ones, and introduce new styles. Second, their purchases are in large quantities. Just take a look at the bar streets in Sanlitun and Houhai. These customers need to instill information about new products in time and feed their eyes and brains in time.

Three, individual users (referred to as self-employed). This is a buying group scattered in every corner of the city. Their characteristics are scattered distribution, high requirements, and great potential. If you realize that the terminal of leisure furniture service is 'person' instead of 'legal person', I think there will be people shocked, they will put the long-term perspective of the buying group on the self-employed.

When the villas began to be built around the big city, when the rich were vying to compare, their back gardens would be too lonely and put parasols and outdoor leisure tables and chairs. And swings, rocking chairs, rockers and other garden furniture will also keep pace with the times and come to the waiting place for them.

For such large potential buyers, the concept of geographical competition should be determined in sales. In the Internet age, many people search for information through the Internet, but people still follow the principle of proximity when choosing products. Therefore, it is conceivable that in the coming years, there will be many outdoor furniture stores in big cities. They will be distributed in various areas of the city. They may be chain stores or the birth of new brands.
3. There should be a lean behind the sofa.

The so-called 'reliable' refers to the backing, which means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa, which is reliable, and there is no worries about it. This is in line with the Tao of Feng Shui. In ancient China, natural marble is used as the back of the chairs, and the patterns on them and the faint mountain views are better. This is the reason.
4. The furnishings of the sofa should be curved rather than straight.

The important position of the sofa in the living room is like the main port of the country. It must be able to receive as much water as possible to thrive. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, shaped like a U letter in English letters, and the protruding bends can still be supported by both arms, and the center recess is the feng shui position for receiving air, which can trap wind and gather air. In order to achieve both prosperity and wealth.
5. Do not hedge the sofa with the door

If the sofa is in a line with the door, it is best to move the sofa away to avoid conflict with the door. If there is nowhere to move, then you have to place a screen between the two. In this way, the air flowing into the house from the door will not directly hit the sofa. And if the sofa faces the door, it will not be a big problem, there is no need to dodge left and right, and there is no need to place a screen.
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