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The most photographed rattan chair in 2021-Chandigarh rattan chair

by:Modern Century     2021-10-23
Once abandoned, it is now favored. It has a tortuous life, a newly built city on the flat land of Chandigarh. Many architects have worked hard to plan and integrate architectural elements with local culture to create a perfect combination of new and old furniture --- Chandigarh chair is a modern and traditional, new A perfect balance has been found between the old and the old. It is the favorite rattan wooden chair for designers and furniture lovers in 2021. Chandigarh chair, a classic work designed by the famous Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret. It set off a wave of rattan furniture, and many furniture designed around rattan reappeared with a new look. It breaks the old design concept of traditional oriental furniture and redefines the classic home furnishings. Pierre Jeanneret designs furniture for various public and private buildings in Chandigarh. He uses locally available teak and rattan, and employs local craftsmen. The furniture made is unique, just like the city of Chandigarh, far away from the hustle and bustle and rich Artistic and vitality. The Chandigarh chair is made of damp-proof and insect-proof Burmese teak, made of rattan with good air permeability, and the V-shaped legs are strong and durable. Indians have always had the habit of sitting on the floor. The starting point of Pierre Jeanneret back then was to 'let the citizens of Chandigarh have chairs to sit on'. The good times didn't last long. With the local people's preference for modern design, the Chandigarh wicker chairs began to be left out in the cold. Chandigarh chairs in every corner of the city are piled up into mountains. The abandoned Chandigarh chairs were due to a French furniture antique dealer Éric Touchaleaume who went to Chandigarh to buy a large number of Chandigarh rattan chairs. It took seven years to repair and reorganize these furniture. At an auction at Sotheby's, the price was as high as 30-50W. In 2013, American director Amie Siegel shot a 40-minute film 'Origin.' The original intention of the film is to 'tracing the footsteps of the masters'. The anti-narrative method records Chandigarh furniture, capital flow and artistic ups and downs. The famous Italian furniture brand Cassina reprinted the Chandigarh chair using the same material combination of 'teak + rattan'. Name it 051 Parliament Building Conference Wicker Chair Wicker Chair Furniture
Over the years, has become very popular as more and more people are trying it out.
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