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The new design concept makes rattan chairs and

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
The diversification of people's needs and the innovation of social conditions have accelerated the transformation of the concept of outdoor rattan furniture. Functionalist outdoor furniture in a radical sense has gradually been unable to meet people's aesthetic needs. The designer through the innovation of the shape and color of rattan furniture, material culture and spiritual civilization are developing rapidly today. Soothe people's visual experience, and use the visual impact of the shot to achieve a certain propaganda purpose and obtain economic benefits. This is the added value of outdoor furniture in addition to its own utility value.

The simple and simple style allows you to mix and match rattan chairs, hanging baskets, and hanging chairs at will.

The classic series of rattan chairs, hanging baskets, hanging chairs, and other leisure outdoor furniture are mostly full rattan or rattan combination. In terms of style, rattan furniture can be divided into four series: classic, modern, leisure and pastoral. The rattans used are mainly from Indonesia. Mainly in dark colors, most of which are artificially colored. The style is mainly European style and retro style. The pastoral series of rattan furniture are mostly light-colored, with soft tones, simple and practical shapes, and strong pastoral atmosphere. These two series are mostly used indoors, and the materials are mainly Indonesian natural rattan. The modern style is mainly based on rattan furniture, and the color is also mainly light-colored. The color is soft and the shape is fresh and concise. It gives a fresh and fashionable feeling. It is more suitable for modern and simple style home decoration. The leisure series are mainly used outdoors, with different colors and shades. The materials are mainly plastic imitation rattan. In the outdoor environment, the imitation rattan furniture greatly reduces the service life caused by sun exposure and the temperature difference between day and night compared with natural rattan furniture. And it can prevent moisture, corrosion and insects. Therefore, it can reduce the thoughts spent on nurturing.

Different from ordinary leather and fabric furniture, as long as you see it, there will be a refreshing feeling. Its cool and soft texture, and the simple lines of rattan furniture reveal the freshness of the mountains and fields. It is the rattan furniture that other furniture cannot compare, which embodies the modern people's concept of returning to nature and pursuing health. With the touch of full contact with nature, it makes people feel like being in nature while living at home, giving people a feeling of returning to nature and the countryside. Therefore, it can be said that rattan furniture is not limited by the small space. Putting one or two pieces in the home can create a fresh, casual and warm atmosphere for your loved home.

Rattan furniture has obvious advantages in cleaning. It's easier to take care of. Due to the non-staining characteristics of rattan furniture, it is compared with traditional wooden furniture. So it only takes two to three months to take care of it once every two or three months. If you find that there is dust on the rattan furniture, you only need to wipe it with a clean cloth or sweep it with a feather duster to keep the appearance of the rattan furniture clean. If there is a lot of dust or stubborn stains, you can wipe it regularly with a vacuum cleaner or a wet cloth. As for the parts of the fabric, it is usually a separate seat cushion, a pillow or a removable and washable one. It can be removed and cleaned independently.

This kind of beauty depends on the art form and style, and the artistry of rattan furniture can be said to be innate. And its symbolic meaning goes in. Through the rendering of its artistic treatment and surrounding conditions, the planners appeared to give people a visual enjoyment, making the outdoor rattan furniture more like the sculpture art of the street. In addition, the style school has also become a source of inspiration for planners. One of the criteria for the design of outdoor rattan furniture is to fit the region, and the stylized plan caters to this criterion. Modernism, postmodernism, art nouveau style, classical style, etc. have all become the themes of planners' creations.

Just like painting and sculpture art, outdoor rattan furniture is used as a carrier of art. It expresses an emotion, a sense of social responsibility, or an understanding and perception of the society through its artistic creation. People also seek a kind of comfort and sustenance through the aesthetics of it.
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