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The production process of rattan furniture in Dongguan rattan chair factory (2)

by:Modern Century     2021-09-28
The follow-up work of the production process of rattan furniture in Dongguan Cane Chair Factory: assembly, making of decorative pans, weaving, polishing and oiling of semi-finished products.  Assembly   Our assembly in this link is mainly to assemble the rattan furniture components that have been made before.  The tools needed for assembly are: electric drill, pneumatic screwdriver, drill bit, and screw.   First mark the positions to be punched, then use an electric drill to punch holes at these marks, punch two holes at each point, and then fix them with the same type of screws. When drilling holes, make sure that the angle between the drill bit and the support rod is vertical, and don't make a deviation.  The production of decorative disc flowers  There are many decorative disc flowers on the rattan. These large and small decorative disc flowers can not only play a role in decoration and beautification, but also play a strong supporting role. But large and small disc flowers, their production process is basically the same. So let's take the small decorative plate flower as an example.  The rattan is selected, and there is an oblique opening 10 cm at one end of the rattan. This is also a special treatment for the beauty of the flower. After heating the rattan a little, fix the beveled end, and then coil around the center, about three to four times, when the end of the rattan is left about 10 cm, it will be fine, and then use the nail gun to make the flower Fix it on the periphery to prevent the flower from loosening, and fix it at about two to three points, and then the flower is ready. After the decorative disc flower is made, the disc flower and all other production parts are assembled one by one.  Weave on the basic frame of the made rattan furniture. According to the designed plan, after processing the raw materials, it is hand-woven to decorate the surface of the furniture.   The semi-finished product polishing and woven furniture is still only a semi-finished product. Polishing the surface of the furniture again is not the last step.  上油   After all the processes are in place, it is oiling. After being oiled, the rattan furniture has been processed through the previous processes to be considered smooth, strong and durable.   At this point, all the production process of rattan furniture is completed. According to this step, a beautiful rattan furniture will be freshly baked. Although it seems simple to introduce, it is actually very difficult in actual operation. Every craftsman who makes rattan furniture has become a qualified craftsman after a long time of study and practice. They strive for excellence. The craftsmanship spirit of the company, the production is serious, this spirit is worth learning, and this craft is worth passing on!
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