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The purchasing skills of solid wood dining table and chairs are shared with you!

by:Modern Century     2022-04-27
The solid wood dining table is naturally equipped with solid wood dining table and chairs. The pure solid wood dining table and chairs are relatively safe, do not harm people, and can improve the grade. If it is well maintained, it will not be a problem to use it for more than ten years. Solid wood dining tables and chairs have the advantages of being environmentally friendly, more beautiful in appearance, etc., so they are more popular in the market. So, what skills do we have when buying solid wood dining tables and chairs? Come and see it together! 1 Look: look at the reverse side of the desktop (the lower wooden frame), and the chair should also be turned over to see the reverse side), focusing on the surrounding edges and the cross-section of the wood, (the wood has a cross-section). If it is a sticker, it can often be seen ( Be sure to watch it slowly and carefully). 2. Smell: smell it with your nose, and identify whether it is wood or paint or glue by smelling it. 3 Light: It is easy to choose light colors for solid wood furniture. Generally speaking, real solid wood furniture will not cover its true colors with strong colors. Unless those are real. 4 Price: It can be said that the price of real solid wood furniture is very high, it depends on what kind of wood it is. For example, a real solid wood dining table of 1.2 meters cannot be bought for a few hundred yuan. The purchasing skills of solid wood dining tables and chairs are shared here. If you have any other questions, please pay more attention to us. We are a professional manufacturer of custom solid wood furniture
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