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The rattan peacock chair with an oriental feel, a classic in the design of rattan chairs

by:Modern Century     2021-09-24
The peacock chair designed by designer Hans Wigner in 1947 has a certain bionic feature of postmodernism. The inspiration for the peacock chair was the Windsor chair popular in England in the 17th century, but he found that the structure of the early Windsor works was not stable. After his unique and innovative thinking, he redefined and designed a more robust series of works. The overall structure. The flat parts of the wooden strips on the backrest resembling peacock feathers are not only good-looking, they are just where the shoulder bones and the chair rest, and the fan-shaped back spread out makes it more comfortable. The famous Danish designer Hans Wigner has devoted his life to creation and has designed more than 1,000 pieces. He is the most outstanding furniture designer in the history of design and the one with the most creative volume. His design works are described as eternal, immortal, perfectly expanding the possibilities of design, freely surpassing all trends, and reaching the richest realm. There are many reasons for the extraordinary quality of his work. Perhaps the most important thing is that he upholds the craftsman spirit and performs his profession with a pragmatic attitude. The furniture designed by rattan furniture, especially the rattan chair, is elegant, comfortable, stretchable, and free, and has an oriental feel. Among them, the 'rattan woven peacock chair' is the most classic so far. The distinctive modern three-dimensional lines of this work are not only good-looking, but more importantly, the backrest that absorbs the mind and the luxurious wooden strips are a perfect masterpiece of ergonomics and craftsmanship. The flat parts on the wooden strips give people the first impression of peacock feathers, but in fact they are designed to make people's shoulder skeletons more comfortable. It is not only liked by many high-grade people, but also a collection of major design museums in the world. The rattan peacock chair is a masterpiece of Hans Wigner. Now it is produced by rattan furniture factory. The name of the rattan peacock chair was given by Finnur (designer). When the Danish designer saw this piece for the first time, he immediately noticed the features on its backrest and named it the peacock chair. This name has always been Following this work continues to this day. The thin-boned back of the rattan peacock chair and the contours that form the shape of a peacock not only bring people visual pleasure, but also bring good ergonomics. And its cushion is made by hand-woven method, which is also a very important feature. The weaving details are rich in rattan weaving, which is casual and natural, but also very elegant. It is also a very typical outdoor chair. A very comfortable, free, and Danish peacock chair. It is a classic in classic chair design.
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