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The wooden high chair has been around since around

by:Modern Century     2021-03-13

A modern day one comes in several different styles but safety is the number one concern. A modern day style is designed with safety in mind and aesthetics second. Although they are still very attractive a tall chair is very practical. They seem to come in and out of fashion but are always a staple and are always available on the market. The newer plastic hi chairs that are available are not as durable or attractive. They come in different types of wood grains and different styles. A modern day variety usually has a removable tray for easy cleaning and always has a very efficient restraint system to provide the utmost in safety. A great deal of thought goes into modern day high chairs. If there are spindles, then each spindle is measured to make sure little arms can't get stuck.

The wooden high chair has only one competition and that is the plastic chair. There have been some metal models but they never quite caught on the way the plastic chair has. The plastic high chair has lost its appeal over the last few years because of the green movement. A wooden chair is processed using far less chemicals than its plastic counterpart. A wooden one is more of a piece of furniture than a plastic one is, and wooden is more aesthetically pleasing than a plastic is.

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