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There are heterogeneous views as to what makes

by:Modern Century     2021-03-13

There are views that fifty years are very less to make a chair an antique piece. They argue that the period is not enough to place a wooden chair in the antique category. Their view is that the minimum period should be at least hundred years. Even the American Government believes in the hundred years point of view.

In that case you should know the age of your chair to call it antique. If you don't know the age of your wooden chair, you should take the help of professionals. They will decide the age of the wooden chair. It may also go through a test called spectroscopy. It will reveal the age of the chair to you. Knowing the age of your chair is perhaps the first step towards making your chair an antique piece.

In one way or the other it will be an added asset if the wooden chair which is old has history attached to it. History means a sort of past that makes your article particular. It may belong to a king, to a queen, to a duke, to general, to an archbishop, bishop, a politician, a traveler, an explorer or a writer. There can be anything prominent that brings past to your wooden object. If the piece belongs to your family lineage, it may not interest much to an auction buyer or anybody else for that matter.

If there is any plan to sell the wooden chair, it is better that you get it appraised before putting it out to the buyers. Simply calling it antique has no significance whatsoever. If the chair has been carved originally and is a first class hardwood, it is for sure that it will bring handsome bucks to you. The former user also matters while determining its value. If a person from whom you have got the chair was high profile or a great warrior or a general, you will get a fairly good price.

When the wooden chair has been appraised, its age will be a factor of consideration apart from its look, its design and the history. The older the chair becomes the higher the price will flow. Its artistic carvings will also add to its rate. You have to be mindful while selling your antique-wooden-chair, if in case you want to sell it. The value will go high if the above mentioned factors are kept in mind.

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