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There is no right or wrong way to interior decorate a house

by:Modern Century     2021-03-15

Today Television set, perhaps more than any other invention is responsible for changing the interior of the modern houses. In fact it has given rise to a brand new room- the family room or an audio video room. Normally most of the family members are confused about the actual function of the living room. Even a five year old kid knows with certainty that family room is for watching television.

So the main function of a family room is to view a television. Hence the television should be the focal point in the interior and the sitting system should revolve round it however, a circle of seating systems around it would lack in aesthetic of the room, and creating a more balanced arrangement also means disadvantageous viewing angle for some. To overcome this problem of uncomfortable viewing angle it is advisable to have sitting system which is composed of independent comfortable chairs which can be moved as required in the interior, some corner in interior can have Indian type of sitting with lots of soft cushion for comfort.

The use of this room will be maximum, wear and tear will also be maximum so to overcome it, it is advisable to use strong and study designed furniture and furnishing fabric, the upholstery used on this sitting system should be of material with synthetic blend, tightly woven, mild to dark colored, preferably patterned and stain resistant. The flooring should never have carpet but wood or laminated floor would be ideal.

Window dressing should be of a dark color, thick fabric so as to avoid reflection on the tube plus to add to the acoustical effects. Lighting is exceedingly important factor in this room. Subdued light just for the purpose of proper visibility would be more than adequate but if this room interior also doubles up e.g. study room or library then it has to be properly lighted with fluorescent lights.

Today dedicated room for a librarian have become things of past but if still one wants to have library in the family room one can have a properly designed book shelf or unit and one or two reading chairs with footrest to make one tempted to read. Too soft and comfortable chair in interior may make one sleep rather than read. A good antique lamp shade can add old charm to the interior.

This room can also double up as study room in the day time and audio /video room in the evening. If one is using this room for study then proper furniture for the use has to be designed like a comfortable study table which can house a computer and allow minimum two people to use the same at the same time i.e. student and the teacher, adequate storage system for books should always be provided the interior.

Today people are becoming more and more religious and a need for a Pooja room has become a necessity. So if one wants it a small Pooja area can be created in this room.

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