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This is the fourth stop on the UKIPT season and

by:Modern Century     2021-03-22

One of big tables of the day saw Sam Grafton, Ben Jenkins and Ben Jackson all playing together. These big name players were ruthless as they saw off many of the players that were moved to their table. Eventually WSOP bracelet winner Scott Shelley was moved to this intimidating table. However Scott managed to hold his own until the break. The leaders in group A were Timotheos Timotheu and Kevin Killeen who got off to great starts with 134,000 and 126,600 chips respectively, with Brett Angell leading group B at the end of the day.

Some great players didn't quite make it through to the second day, with high stakes poker pro Vicky Coren having an unlucky exit. With K-8, Vicky flopped top pair and a possible flush draw, and was up against an opponent who had two pair. However, Vicky was unable to hit her flush and would have to keep herself busy with the World Series of Online Poker (WCOOP) events. Other big names that weren't able to make it through to the second day, were the WSOP heads-up champion (2011) Jake Cody and the recent winner in Melbourne Sam Razavi, who got kicked out on one of the last hands of the day.

Day two started at 12am, with 273 players fighting to make it into the money. The leaders at the end of the day were headed by David Reed, who was propelled ahead of Barry McMahon and Brett Angell with an impressive 3-way all-in win, with his A-K holding up against pocket Jacks and K-6. Another dramatic moment came as the final players tried to hold out and get into the pay-out positions. Paul McTaggart experienced possibly one of the most frustrating things in poker, as he missed out on the money by only one position. His final hand saw him re-raise all in with pocket 6's, only to come up against the pocket Aces of Sam Holden. Of course Sam's aces held up and the remaining 72 other players in the room were relieved to be guaranteed 1,100 for their efforts over the two days.

The third day started with 62 players, who all wanted to work their way up the leader board towards the final table and a first prize of 105,900. Sam Holden managed to keep his good run going and made the final table. Sam has become a seasoned pro, with big pay-outs at a WSOP main event (2011) and a 12th place finish at a previous UKIPT event in Edinburgh. However, the chip leader going into the final table is Jack Sambrook with 2,413,000 chips, but any one of the players have the potential to win, as anything could happen at the final table.

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