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Three major trends in the future development of

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
??According to internal news, the latest meeting of Dongguan rattan chair manufacturers pointed out the current difficulties and opportunities faced by major rattan chair manufacturers. Continuously suffering from the severe impact of e-commerce, traditional industries are facing a period of transformation, whether they can successfully transform determines the future development direction of rattan chair manufacturers. The Dongguan Modern Century Rattan Chair Factory has clarified the overall development trend in the future at this meeting, and the development in the next five years will definitely adhere to three major directions.

??Rattan chair products have greater advantages compared with traditional wooden furniture. Traditional wooden composite panels contain a variety of harmful additives, which pose a huge threat to health. Coupled with the increasing protection of forest resources by the state, it has caused a shortage of traditional timber resources. Wicker chair products and rattan-like woven products are green and low-carbon, maintain the original and simple style, and the manufacturing cost is generally lower than other furniture products. Therefore, they are gradually replacing traditional composite wood products into ordinary households.

Imitated rattan woven rattan chair rattan table

Throughout the current traditional industries, under the premise of the huge impact of the Internet, they are trying their best to quickly integrate with e-commerce. The first major development direction of Dongguan rattan chair manufacturers in the future is to target large-scale e-commerce platforms such as Tmall Jingdong. High-quality first-choice supplier of big-name e-commerce. and Tmall are the first platforms to engage in e-commerce. At present, the annual turnover has reached several trillions. If these two e-commerce giants can be captured, the integration of Dongguan rattan chair manufacturers with e-commerce will be more natural and smooth. It is bound to greatly shorten the time required for transformation and create the best opportunity for the development of Dongguan rattan chair manufacturers.

??Large-value transactions provide the major suppliers with sufficient funds and development guarantees, and the ability to facilitate large-value transactions will be even more powerful for any company. The meeting made it clear that the second major direction for the future development of Dongguan Wicker Chair Factory is to focus on large-scale transactions such as the development of projects, and to provide sufficient capital guarantee for the development of Wicker Chairs. At the same time, he also pointed out that there are certain difficulties in the development project. Major rattan chair manufacturers want to eat this piece of fat. The fierce competition can be imagined. Therefore, it is recommended that all sales department personnel must be confident of winning and stick to the end.

??No matter how the enterprise transforms, the prerequisite guarantee is always product quality. Without quality, everything is empty talk. At the meeting, the representatives of the rattan chair manufacturers unanimously expressed that it is necessary to control the quality, which is the most basic prerequisite and guarantee for the development and transformation of enterprises. Although the current traditional industries are greatly impacted by e-commerce, there is still a huge market share that cannot be ignored in the traditional market. In the next five years of development, it is still necessary to maintain the traditional dealers, continue to develop new dealers, and take the traditional market and The development route of e-commerce is combined, so that both hands are hard to grasp.
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