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Three reasons to choose rattan products

by:Modern Century     2021-07-05
Green rattan furniture is made from rattan bark, rattan core, rattan strips, etc., after cutting, processing, high-temperature UV disinfection, and then modeling and weaving, and then choose according to the different properties of the furniture, generally rattan is often used in furniture The structure of the rattan core and rattan cortex are soft and easy to shape and weave. Because rattan furniture is made of breathable and environmentally friendly natural plant rattan, it is made from among the mountains and islands; during production, it is produced from nail racks, weaving, Polished and handmade. The volatiles in the room mainly come from the glue and paint used for splicing materials. Rattan furniture uses almost no glue and uses artificial coloring. It is a well-deserved green rattan furniture in terms of materials and processing.
Rattan furniture
Handwork and Art Rattan material has become an excellent raw material in the hands of craftsmen after cooking, drying, anti-mold, disinfection and other processes, and can make various complex shapes at will to meet the needs of different styles. Because it is handmade, rattan products are both works of art and luxury goods. However, due to the low labor price in my country, the price of rattan products does not reflect its true value. However, as the market gradually integrates with the international market, the price increase is entirely possible.
Rattan products
Comfortable and pleasant After processing, the rattan furniture has good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, refreshing hand feeling, comfortable and unique, cool in winter and cool in summer. Human body sweat contains salt, which not only does no harm to vines, but also has a protective effect. Some people even think that rattan, like jade and other natural materials, play a role in mutual conservation and can form an aura that is conducive to people's life and work.
Green rattan furniture
The use of environmentally friendly and low-carbon rattan furniture is conducive to environmental protection. Rattan is recommended by the United Nations Environmental Protection Organization as a green home furnishing material. Rattan furniture also satisfies everyone's pursuit of environmental protection and return to nature.
The all-handmade rattan furniture is fresh and natural, and the elegant design style makes everyone indulge in the natural atmosphere. Sharing the elegant home life starts from the leisure rattan chair.
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