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To live in the apartment urbanite, the balcony

by:Modern Century     2021-03-16

Essential elements: sofa and tea table Around half arc in the balcony, master cleverly used similar tactics of the sitting room make realized the recreational function. Rattan Sofa Set, tea table, from soup to nuts, the difference is, in the sitting room with TV setting wall, and here is the scenery outdoor wider. If is home area is too small, or want to make, can decorate the balcony into the sitting room, transparent glass and quietly elegant drape will the balcony grouped into independent space, put in balcony inside sofa or stool a few, in the balcony on the two side buy two horns frame, and then to pour echelon on buy next, not only have the same guest the grand atmosphere, and can make guests as if place oneself in the outdoors, feel right beside nature. Essential elements: the bar and bar cup It's style of the design of the balcony is light is repaired, heavy adornment model. Fashionable Rattan Bar Set match with delicate small glass, in the be born curtain and real silk seat cushions to beat;

Pure wool carpet is tonal and with the porcelain prove to each other; Elegant ground cover the modern model steel window gauze shade. Invite a friend, plate sitting on a couch, in bright sunlight, or in the palace lanterns halo, fine tea, faint bouquet skirts, natural refreshed. Essential elements: bookcase and desk Old family room pattern usually don't reasonable, so want to in limited space extrusion part of space is difficult, through the wall of the balcony to make, and then to the right size measurement, make it a complete function study, reading and work should be combined, is not difficult. For two bedrooms housing to study can only rely on the balcony to decorate.

In the balcony metope set up one whole bookcase, the lower designed to write desktop, top dangerous one telescopic droplight, tea table is set in another side chair or rattan chaise lounge , can be in already this and taking with friend , writing his own life, and at the same time tired when still can relax. Because of the temperature of the balcony is generally indoor high, so should pay attention to the balcony of the adjustment of the temperature and ventilation, in order to avoid the summer persistent high temperatures caused the study furniture deformation and weather-shack.

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