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Traditional wicker chairs are priceless

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
With the popularity of modern wooden and leather stools and chairs, traditional rattan chairs are now 'obsolete', replaced by imitation rattan chairs. People who can weave wicker chairs are even harder to find. A few days ago, I rarely met a master who was still weaving rattan chairs in Xishui Village, Dongshi Town, Pingyuan County. The master's surname is Lin, in his 70s, lean, capable, enthusiastic and talkative.

  Master Lin started to work in weaving rattan chairs at the age of 30. When asked how to make a wicker chair, Master Lin was right. He said that we must first go up the mountain to find the fir slats suitable for the frame of the wicker chair, such as fishbone scales and gardenia twigs. These wooden slats are tough and not prone to insects. After picking the wooden slats back, let them dry naturally in the shade to 60% to 70% dry, then use an iron wrench to bend the wooden slats selected as the cushion frame and the back frame, and then nail the joints of the wooden slats with iron nails. , Made the frame of the whole rattan chair. For the rattan, a kind of rattan called 'yellow rattan' should be used, and the rattan that has been hanging on the tree cannot be selected, and the rattan that is crawling on the ground should be selected. After cutting it back, put it in boiling water and boil it for a while, pick it up, and plan to remove the skin, then use a rattan knife to evenly break it into two pieces (the cushion part does not need to be broken), dry it, and sprinkle water when weaving to make it soft and tough . Weaving a rattan chair starts with a foot-wrapped frame, then weaves the seat cushion, and then weaves the backrest part. Finally, the small forks of the rattan on the surface of the chair should be properly polished with emery cloth until the surface is smooth.

Three-piece wicker chair

   Speaking of the craftsmanship of weaving rattan chairs, Master Lin said that it is easy to learn but difficult to master. To be strong and firm, you must have a certain degree of weaving experience. Speaking of this, he pointed to a ready-made wicker chair beside him and said with a smile to the author, you can hold the handle of the wicker chair and rub it forcefully back and forth, and it is difficult to make it loose or out of shape. The author followed his words with interest. Really, this rattan chair did not become loose or deformed at all. He also proudly talked about an event in the 1980s: A certain unit in Pingyuan County wanted to buy dozens of rattan chairs as office chairs at a time. Master Lin and several other masters wanted to receive this work. The leader didn’t know who to do it for, so he asked several masters to bring a rattan chair and fell off the top of the three-story office building. As a result, the wicker chairs brought by other masters became loose and deformed, and Lin What the master brought is as good as ever. Of course, this job was handed over to Master Lin.

   Speaking of the current market price of rattan chairs, Master Lin pointed to a few nailed rattan chair frames and said that the buyer had already paid a deposit of 280 yuan each. Although the price is not low, except for the cost of materials, the income per sheet is less than 100 yuan. Now people are invited to cut the cane, and the purchase is 5 yuan a catty. Very few people are willing to go up the mountain to cut. The 20 catties of rattan cut down the mountain are selected and peeled. After drying, it is less than 5 catties, and only one cane chair can be woven. The vines in front of me were cut down on the mountain more than ten miles away with my wife, and the wooden slats used to make the frame were also cut down on the mountain by myself. Dao Qi said that the number of rattan chairs woven in a year has been declining year by year. In recent years, it has woven forty to fifty pieces each year, and it is only when buyers come to the door to weave them.
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