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Variety of balcony design, I didn’t expect it to be so dazzling

by:Modern Century     2021-07-27
The balcony is an extension of indoor and outdoor spaces. People usually use it as a laundry room to cool down some clothes, or just plant some flowers and plants. However, with the increasing availability of buildings and the transformation of people's home improvement concepts, the decoration design of balconies is also increasingly demanding. In addition to washing and drying clothes, planting flowers and grass, the balcony in the home now has more and more functions for decoration. Well, friends and Xiaobian will go to admire the design style of the ever-changing balcony! The sky garden of balcony design plant some flowers and grass on the balcony to turn it into a sky garden. Not only can you beautify the environment, but you can also breathe fresher air. In your spare time, you can get some flowers and plants, and feel tired. Sit down and take a rest. Enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping tea. The emergence of restaurants provides people with a dining environment, and excellent restaurant design can make diners feel more happy. The balcony has a wider view. It is a good idea to design it as a restaurant. People enjoy the beautiful scenery below while having a meal. Does it feel very comfortable? Put a hanging chair on the balcony of the sky garden, sit on it, read a magazine, play with your mobile phone, and wander around, as if you are going back to the scene when you were swinging when you were a child.
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