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Variety of outdoor bar and bar chairs, let leisure every moment

by:Modern Century     2021-07-19
Outdoor ever-changing 3D bar counter, a brand new leisure experience of elegance, intimacy and leisure. Modern Century leisure furniture undertakes customization, hand-woven, changeable combination, and three-dimensional design. Tailored by European and American design masters, the 3D geometric three-dimensional rhombus front face is matched with the light and luxurious deep coffee weaving rattan, highlighting the comfortable, casual, casual and comfortable romantic sentiment that the American style advocates. Use fences to create an independent space, suitable for outdoor operation desks and cash registers. Material: high-quality PE rattan, titanium aluminum alloy, tempered glass, marble. Customization: specification size, shape, material. Functions: Front desk, bar counter, cashier counter, wine matching for events, bar counter. Scene display, with both appearance and quality, easy to hold different scenery, suitable for indoor and outdoor. Right-angled bar counter, leisure, clearing bar, coffee shop, western restaurant, cash register, front desk, multifunctional scenes, a new way of leisure. Rattan art bar chair-high chair, comfortable backrest, stable and firm structure. Not afraid of wind, sun and rain, three large storage compartments, large space, easy to summarize items, 3D three-dimensional rhombus front face, stronger visual sense, DIY flexible combination, reasonable structure, light and durable, and various shapes can be assembled according to space needs .
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