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Videocon VLL22SBH : High Glossy Finish, HDMI facility

by:Modern Century     2021-03-16


Videocon, one among the top leading brands in the series of electronic gadget developers has developed Videocon VLL22SBH as a decent 22 inch HD ready TV with 30000:1 super Contrast Ratio that is modestly priced and can fit your bill if you want to enjoy HD entertainment without spending a fortune.


The Videocon VLL22SBH has a simple but smart appearance and looks classy no matter where you place it and also the size makes it suitable for bedroom or study. The panel is covered by a glass sheet that gives it a seamless edge-to-edge look. It is sleek with appealing glossy finish. Although the TV is off, it appears as if the screen is enormously wide with a very thin bezel, but essentially that is not the case and also the stand is robust and not too wide, so you do not need a whole set of table room for it. The construction too is firm with no squeaking parts.

Key Features

Videocon has providing quality consumer durables and VLL22SBH LCD TV is one among those durables with package of smart and striking features along with economic price. The 22-inch LCD screen with 1366x768 pixels resolution of this creation from the house of Videocon is capable enough to display the picture with crystal clarity, which in turn gives your eyes the feel of console. The response time of the screen is 5.9 Milliseconds (ms), which offers high speed of reaction while giving any command to this LCD TV. One can also use the built-in tuning features accumulated therein this LCD TV like Cable Tuner (S Band), Cable Tuner (VHF), etc. VLL22SBH has a high contrast ratio ranging from 20001-50000, which can be considered as the best contrast ratio so as to balance between the brightest and the darkest colors on the screen.

Also, the LCD TV has a brightness capacity of 350cd/m2, which is pretty enough to display the good results on the screen. You will be surprising with DCRe, 16.7 Million Display Colors and Standard Remote Control like intuitive features. VLL22SBH LCD TV will surely grab the attention of the music lovers as it has 2 in-built speakers (ranging from 0-3) with good quality sound. With an intention to connect to other supporting devices like Camera, DVD input, etc. you will be pleased with HDMI interface in order to enjoy each and every beautiful moment of your life at its fullest with your loved ones.


The quality of VLL22SBH LCD TV is nice and the picture quality is fine but, not really up to the mark. Price could be one of the reasons behind its OK performance and therefore, when it compares with Sony or Samsung, the quality lags after.


If you are looking for an LCD TV with quite good features and pretty looks in a reasonable price, Videocon VLL22SBH can be a decent buy for you.

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