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[Visit] The matching effect of leisure furniture and private homestay clubhouse complement each other

by:Modern Century     2021-07-19
The use of leisure furniture in homestays is now more and more widespread. For the large houses in the ancient city, this is a rather worrying attempt. Thank you for the enthusiasm of Zhang Dongjia and Amei's big shopkeepers, Yun Jincheng ~ five-star hardware, super five-star experience! In tourist attractions, the core area of u200bu200bthe ancient city, you can have this kind of experience, especially the application of our leisure furniture in it, and how the matching effect is. It is also the place where the editor was worried before going. The effect after a year complements each other! A very good use case. What I want to say is a very good private hotel club, which embodies the infinite thoughts of the owner's shopkeeper! Pingyao Yunjincheng Mansion is located in the World Cultural Heritage Pingyao Ancient City. It is located at the core of the intersection of North Street, West Street and East Street in the ancient city, that is, 'China's Wall Street'; 20 meters to the east is China's earliest bank-'Japanese' Shengchang' ticket number. The mansion is transformed from the most well-preserved and most complete old house of the Qiao family in the ancient city. The 300-year-old historical house and the endless cultural heritage continue to write the endless spirit of Shanxi merchants. Mr. Yu Qiuyu is pleased to write 'Yunjincheng' with a pen for the time-honored brand. This is the theme hotel of Jinshang Courtyard, and it is also the hotel of choice for celebrities at home and abroad. The mansion has a unique design style, elegant and quiet inside the courtyard, with full wireless WIFI coverage. The Yunjincheng Hotel under the mansion has also innovated hundreds of private dishes of dozens of wealthy and distinguished members of Shanxi merchants, with unique characteristics; the two luxurious and elegant halls in the north and south are equipped with tea bars, coffee bars, and studies, allowing you to stay in the ancient city. Enjoy the slow time. The mansion was awarded the 'Best Hotel Design Award' by Here, you can be the owner of the house, experience the transformation of time and space, and enjoy a cultural journey.
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