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Want to use the wicker chair for a long time? Don't do these things

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
1. Pay attention to the sun: ultraviolet rays on the balcony will make the rattan chair degeneration and brittle, long-term exposure will make the white rattan furniture sofa yellow, make the brown-red shiny red rattan furniture sofa partially fade, and make the expensive bamboo and rattan furniture sofa dry. Loosening and disengagement.
2. Avoid moisture: The advantage of a wicker chair is that it will be fixed to its original shape after being deformed by moisture. After drying or drying in the shade, it will still return to its original shape and size.
3. Keep ventilation: Wicker chairs can absorb a certain amount of moisture. But if it absorbs too much water, the furniture will become soft, loose structure, and the surface will sag, and the woven mesh will easily breed mildew.
4. Avoid close to fire and heat sources: The radiator for heating in winter is the enemy of wicker chairs. The wicker close to the part has long been dry and brittle, its toughness has deteriorated, and it is difficult to recover after sitting. You must remember to put the partition Hot pad.
The quality of the rattan chair is light and flexible, and its better physical properties make it enduringly popular in the years of time. If the maintenance is good, a rattan chair can be used for 10 to 20 years. Therefore, the life of a wicker chair is very long, but wicker chairs also have some fears, such as fear of water, fire, and high temperature exposure. Only by careful maintenance and avoiding these, you can enjoy the comfort of the wicker chair for a long time. .
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