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What are the dimensions of the restaurant solid wood dining table?

by:Modern Century     2022-05-03
The solid wood dining table is loved by many consumers because of its texture and beauty. The solid wood dining table is a table made of solid wood as the main material for dining. Generally, the furniture made of solid wood is rarely mixed with other materials, and the main materials and auxiliary materials are rarely used. The four legs and the panel are all solid wood. Most of the connections between the holes, and the panels are the same. The restaurant also pays attention to the purchase of solid wood tables and chairs. The purpose is to better allow customers to dine comfortably. What are the dimensions of the restaurant's solid wood tables and chairs? Do you want to know more about it? Jiangshan Modern Century will introduce you to it for your convenience. Purchase at a later date. 1. Square table The rectangular table of 1070mmx760mm is the size of a common dining table. If the table and chairs can be stretched into the bottom of the table, even in a small corner, a six-seat dining table can be placed. The overall width of the dining table of 760mm is a standard size, and at least it is not suitable for less than 700mm. Otherwise, when sitting opposite to each other, the dining table will be too narrow and the feet will touch each other. The feet of the dining table are shrunk in the middle. If the four feet are distributed in the four corners, it is very inconvenient. The table height is generally 710mm, with a seat with an aspect ratio of 415mm. The table is lower, so you can see the food on the table more clearly when eating. 2. Round table A dining table with a diameter of 1200mm is often considered too large. A round table with a diameter of 1140mm can be customized, which can seat 8-9 people, but it seems that the indoor space is wider. If a dining table with a diameter of more than 900mm is used, although it can seat many people, it is not suitable for placing too many fixed tables and chairs. For example, a dining table with a diameter of 1200mm and 8 tables and chairs is very crowded. 4-6 tables and chairs can be placed. When there are many people, the folding chair can be used again, and the folding chair can be stored in the storage room. 3. Opening and closing table The opening and closing table, also known as the stretch dining table, can be changed from a 900mm square table or a 1050mm diameter round table to a 1350-1700mm long dining table or an oval table (with various sizes), which is very suitable for large Small and medium-sized enterprises usually use it with customers for a long time. This type of dining table has gradually become popular since the 15th century, and it is a very popular dining table with a history of 500 years. But pay attention to its mechanical equipment structure, it should be smooth and stable when reporting work, and it should be convenient to point and close when folded. With a round dining table, you can get a nice indoor space adjustment. Another advantage of using round table dining is that the total number of seats has a great sense of height. Just pull the table and chair a little away from the table, you can sit on the fire more, without the disadvantage of inconvenient sitting in the corner when using the square table. Fourth, a six-person dining table is more suitable for a table with a centimeter up and down. This size is good for rectangular and oval dining tables. The interior space of today's hotels is generally rectangular, so large square tables and round tables are rarely used, and the rectangular six-person dining table is the most widely used. This article introduces the dimensions and specifications of solid wood dining tables in restaurants, and I hope it will be helpful to you! Friends who need to buy solid wood dining tables are welcome to contact us! We have every product, from design concept to use efficiency, from raw material selection to production Craftsmanship endows wood with spirituality, making it achieve the unity of practical and aesthetic value. Thus won the love and support of our customers.
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