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What are the materials of solid wood dining table

by:Modern Century     2022-04-25
In recent years, people's living standards have gradually improved, and home decoration has gradually become more refined. New Chinese style, simple style, and Japanese style are all very popular. Solid wood furniture is also widely loved by the public. Solid wood furniture has texture and Simple, like a solid wood dining table is more popular, so do you know what materials are there Ash, black walnut, etc., the hardness, characteristics and price of each wood are different. 1. Rubber wood is a common kind of low price and high cost performance. If the budget is not high, rubber wood is also a relatively good choice. Rubber wood furniture is suitable for small-sized families and is cost-effective. 2. Ash wood is also widely used in home building materials. The wood is tough and elastic, not easy to deform, and has high hardness. As a home building material, it has the advantages of firmness, stability, anti-collision and wear resistance. 3. Walnut is a very popular wood. It looks very high-grade, but the price of black walnut on the market varies. It is mainly graded according to the texture characteristics of walnut. From the lowest order, there are golden nodules, large mountain patterns, straight lines, wavy patterns, bird peck patterns and water drop patterns. The above three are the more common material types of solid wood dining tables. I hope to help you understand solid wood furniture. If you need it, you can also contact us by phone. Modern Century is a furniture research and development, manufacturing, specialization, and serialization. An integrated furniture manufacturing enterprise with mature technology and worthy of everyone's trust!
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