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What are the reasons for the cracking of solid wood furniture? See how the manufacturer maintains it!

by:Modern Century     2022-05-04
Nowadays, solid wood furniture is more and more favored by consumers. Because of its environmentally friendly and healthy materials, bright and natural texture, and tall, many people like to choose solid wood furniture. However, some people do not carry out a series of maintenance after purchasing solid wood furniture, resulting in cracking, bending, deformation and other phenomena. Why does solid wood furniture have cracks? How to maintain it? Let's see what the editor says. Why does solid wood furniture crack? First, the weather changes. Even if you buy the best quality solid wood furniture, due to the cold winter and hot summer, you can't change it all year round, resulting in too much humidity in the air, and it will be prone to thermal expansion and contraction, which is prone to cracking, deformation and a series of problems. The second is solid wood furniture processing technology. In the production process of the furniture factory, if the selection and production method of the imposition material, the material of the adhesive, and the coating of the paint are used improperly, it will directly affect the quality of the furniture factory and cause cracks in the future use process. How should it be maintained? When buying solid wood furniture, you should choose solid wood furniture with suitable tree species according to the changes in the local climate. For some areas with high temperature and humidity, it is not recommended to generally use solid wood furniture, and high-quality wood should be selected according to the environment. For solid wood furniture, we should try to avoid strong light exposure. It is best to choose the nursing essential oil suitable for solid wood, and apply the essential oil regularly to lock the moisture, prevent the later cracking and deformation, and also moisturise the wood. Why does solid wood furniture break? How to maintain it? The above is what Xiaobian introduced to you. I hope it can help you. You must pay attention to it during use.
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