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What are the types of solid wood dining tables? How's the price?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-29
With the progress of society and the improvement of aesthetics, many people have begun to pay attention to the quality of life. The solid wood dining table is a table made of solid wood as the main material for dining. Generally, the furniture made of solid wood is rarely mixed with other materials, and the main materials and auxiliary materials are rarely used. The four legs and the panel are all solid wood. Most of the connections between the holes, and the panels are the same. The solid wood dining table is also a kind of furniture with high environmental protection characteristics. Everyone knows that the dining table is a dining table for everyone to use, so there is a lot of attention in the selection. So there are several kinds of pure solid wood dining tables, and what is the actual price? The following editor will introduce the relevant content to you: 1. Pure solid wood dining tables Pure solid wood dining tables are more expensive, generally speaking, they are all between one thousand and three thousand yuan. Money up and down. Such dining tables are all more applicable and of better quality. And the pure solid wood dining table has a very natural texture line, which looks elegant and retro fashion, and is not easy to be replaced by contemporary fast fashion. Therefore, it is more cost-effective to choose such a dining table. Generally speaking, it will not make others feel too old if it is placed at home for decades. 2. Oak solid wood dining table Such red oak dining table is more suitable for others in small-sized houses to buy. Under normal circumstances, such a dining table costs around 3,000 yuan. If we go to the furniture store to see it, we can all feel that this kind of dining table is relatively heavy, it has a great sense of weight, and everyone feels that it is very solid when touching the dining table. The longer this dining table is used, the more charm it accumulates. Even if everyone wants to choose later, more fashionable and other design styles of furniture, there is no need to worry about whether this kind of furniture can match the dining table. 3. Glass inlaid solid wood dining table Generally speaking, the price of such a combined dining table is around 500 to 1,000 yuan. Nowadays, many young couples choose such a combined dining table. There are glass with a strong sense of technology and solid wood boards with a strong sense of age. The dining table composed of the two is more to hone the basic skills of the interior designer's design scheme. . If the interior designer does not integrate the two very well, then this dining table will not look neat and neat. If the interior designer's design scheme is too complicated, the glass will be embedded in it. , very stiff. However, if the interior designer's design plan is good, everyone will get a dining table with a sense of fashion and age, which is more suitable for young people who pursue a perfect and high-quality daily life. This article introduces the price and quality of three kinds of dining tables: solid wood dining table, oak solid wood dining table, and glass inlaid solid wood dining table. I hope you will know more about these three solid wood dining tables. If you want to know more information about solid wood dining tables, please pay more attention to us! If you have any ordering requirements for solid wood dining tables, please contact us!
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