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What is a Pentalift?

by:Modern Century     2021-03-21

A Pentalift is something all warehouses, garages and workshops should have. This simple but extremely effective Hydraulic Lift table is a must for any workplace where heavy lifting is required and the wide selection of designs helps you build your working environment using these actual Pentalifts.

Benefits of a Pentalift

The purpose of a Pentalift is to position and fit each table in a perfect place at a perfect height for the person using the area. This saves 90% of all bending required in a workshop industry taking strain away from the back, neck and arms. When a heavy delivery is received the hydraulic lift table can be lowered and the package slid from the trolley to the table which you can then raise using the hydraulic lift mechanism. There are many available strictures to suit many varies weight loads from 500lbs to 60,000lbs.

This in itself is a huge time saver and a huge financial benefit to the company. This is due to the health benefits it brings to the workplace. If your employees are not lifting and bending for 90% of their day and they are comfortable at their work stations this reduces sick time caused by back ache and muscle strain.

Pantalift Designs

Each hydraulic lift has its own design template however custom Pentalifts are available on request and there is a team on hand to help you design a hydraulic lift table which adheres to your workshop or warehouse health and safety regulations. There are many pre-set designs for the pentalifts, these are listed below.

* Tandem Design

* Single Scissor Design

* Double Scissor Design

* Self-Leveling Table

* Hydraulic lift table equipped with conveyor top.

The Tandem table is built for the longer items, Single scissor tables are set on a scissor leg type construction whereas double scissor leg structures are set with two sets of scissor legs giving it extra height when needed. The self-leveling table is slightly different but still a popular request, this design automatically adjusts as weight is removed or added to it making it extremely easy and comfortable for the operator to use. The Pentalift also has a hydraulic lift equipped with a conveyor top making the transfer of heavy items even simpler.

Custom Builds

When designing a custom Pentalift the design team even takes into account paint finishes which adhere to your required safety regulations. There are several paint fishes available such as an Epoxy finish, galvanized and stainless steel, however, the standard enamel finish is recognized for many safety regulations as acceptable. Whatever you are looking for and whatever your requirement the design team can help design your exact requirements.

Operators and Pentalift

There is no doubt that the operator will benefit the most in a direct capacity from the installation of a hydraulic lift table or a set of hydraulic lift tables of various designs and uses. If you look at the employers point of view however, it makes perfect sense to look at you workshop, loading bay or warehouse and re-evaluate your equipment and your staff sick records. If indeed you do find you are in need of some new hydraulic lifts, Pentalifts come highly recommended.

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