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What is a vine

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
A vine, also known as a climbing plant, refers to a type of plant that grows on other objects (such as trees, walls, etc.) or creeps on the ground with slender stems that cannot stand upright, typically such as grapes.
Vine is vine in English, derived from the Greek word oinos, meaning 'wineBritish English generally uses climbers to refer to vines.
Liana has always been a commonly used plant material in gardening. Nowadays, the area that can be used for landscaping is getting smaller and smaller. Making full use of climbing plants for vertical greening is to expand the green space, increase the amount of green in the city, and improve the overall level of greening. An important approach to the ecological environment.
Morphological characteristics:
The vine needs to use other objects to grow or crawl on the ground during its lifetime, but some plants change with the environment. If there is support, it will become a vine, but if there is no support, it will grow into a shrub. For example: some varieties of the Anacardiaceae and Solanaceae.
The vine can save the energy used to grow and support tissues, and can absorb sunlight more effectively. For example, Pueraria lobata and honeysuckle have become future invasive species in North America, successfully reproducing rapidly. There are also some vines that live in the tropics that are shade-tolerant and can be shaded by big trees in the rainforest. Even without climbing, vines can spread quickly on the ground and occupy a larger area. Most vines are flowering plants.
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