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What is the price of solid wood dining table and chairs? How should I choose?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-28
Solid wood dining table and chairs are the most popular dining table and dining chair products on the market. When we buy solid wood dining tables and chairs, we generally want to know the price of solid wood dining tables and chairs. Compared with different raw materials, the price difference of solid wood dining table and chairs is still relatively large. Therefore, we should choose products with more suitable prices according to the details. Solid wood dining tables and chairs have now become popular for family dining tables and chairs, and the prices of different types of solid wood dining tables and chairs vary greatly. Now let's introduce the price of solid wood dining table and chairs and how to buy solid wood dining table and chairs. First, the price of solid wood dining table and chairs (1) The wood structure of ash is thick, the pattern is beautiful, shiny, high hardness, has the characteristics of elasticity, good toughness, wear resistance, moisture resistance, etc., but it is difficult to dry, easy to warp, and easy to process. Good performance, but should prevent tearing, pay attention to its corrosion resistance is not very strong. Therefore, the ash table and chairs are more suitable for the humid weather in the south. Its price is relatively 'close to the people'. Generally, the table price of ash is between 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan. (2) The wood grain of rubber wood dining tables and chairs is not very obvious, the texture is relatively hard, and the color is not very pure, so the price will be slightly lower in the solid wood dining table. The latest price of the table is between 1200 yuan and 1800 yuan. 2. How to buy solid wood dining table and chairs (1) Look at the reverse side of the desktop (low wooden frame). The chair should also be turned over to see the reverse side, focusing on the surrounding edges and the cross-section of the wood. The wood has a cross-section. If it is a sticker, it can often be seen. (1) Smell Smell with your nose to identify whether it is wood, paint or glue. (3) Color It is easy to choose light color for solid wood furniture. Generally speaking, real solid wood furniture will not cover its true colors with strong colors. Unless those are real. The above is the introduction of the price and purchasing skills of solid wood dining tables. If you want to know more about solid wood dining tables and chairs, you can contact us in the background. If you are interested, you can pay more attention to us!
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