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What kind of wood is good for solid wood dining table? Let's have a look!

by:Modern Century     2022-04-28
The solid wood dining table is a relatively textured table. It is mainly made of solid wood, and it is rarely mixed with other substances. It is one of the products that many modern consumers love. It has many materials, shapes and types. Here is a detailed introduction to the wood of solid wood dining tables. 1. Yellow pineapple: its wood has good gloss, straight texture, thick structure, obvious uniform annual rings, soft material, easy to dry, good processing performance, beautiful color and pattern, good paint and bonding performance, not easy to split; It has the advantages of good corrosion resistance and other advantages, but because of its poor nailing force, the furniture made of yellow pineapple material often has shortcomings such as instability. 2. Elm: Hardwood, close to Ash, the maturity period is generally 40-60 years to hundreds of years, the rough texture is often used to make informal solid wood furniture, reflecting its atmosphere and being with the sky spirit. 3. Birch: Its annual rings are slightly obvious, the texture is straight and obvious, the material structure is delicate and soft and smooth, and the texture is soft or moderate. Birch is resilient, and birch is a mid-range wood, with both solid wood and veneer common. 4. Chinese fir: its material is light and soft, easy to dry, small shrinkage, no warping, good durability, easy to process, rough cut surface, medium strength, easy to split, good bonding performance, used for furniture and decoration in southern provinces For the popular mid-range wood. 5. Walnut catalpa: Its wood is shiny, straight or oblique in texture, slightly rough in structure, slow in drying, but not easy to warp, with good toughness, easy processing, and smooth cutting surface. Good bending, painting and gluing properties and strong nailing force. The other is imitation solid wood tables and chairs. The so-called imitation solid wood tables and chairs are solid wood tables and chairs in appearance. The natural texture, feel and color of the wood are exactly the same as those of the solid wood tables and chairs. Particleboard or MDF fibreboard with veneer veneer for components such as shelves. This article introduces the wood of the solid wood dining table, and I hope it will help you! The wood of the solid wood dining table includes: yellow pineapple, elm, birch, fir, walnut, etc. If you want to know more about the solid wood dining table, please read more Pay attention to our website! Modern Century is a furniture manufacturing enterprise integrating furniture research and development, manufacturing, specialization and serialization. Friends who need to buy solid wood dining table, welcome to contact us!
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