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What should I do if the solid wood dining table is afraid of being hot?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-29
The solid wood bed dining table is more popular on the dining table. It is a dining table with solid wood as the main material. It is used, the four feet and the panel are all solid wood, the connection between the four feet is made by punching holes between each column of the four feet, and most of the connections with the panel are the same. The solid wood dining table is not resistant to high temperature, so it needs an anti-scalding treatment. Let's take a look at how to deal with the solid wood dining table that is not resistant to high temperature! 1. Tablecloths There are many tablecloths on the market. Whether it is a textile cloth tablecloth or a pvc tablecloth, it can meet the requirements of heat insulation and anti-corrosion. While ironing needs, it has a certain decorative effect. The solid wood dining table uses fabric tablecloths not only in terms of texture, but also better in heat insulation than tablecloths made of other materials. 2. Lay glass plate If the owner does not want the tablecloth to cover the stability of the solid wood dining table itself, then the glass plate can be used as a small weapon for the solid wood dining table to prevent scalding. The material of glass plate is relatively easier to clean, and it is transparent in itself, which can basically restore the original appearance of the solid wood dining table, and will not block the appearance of the dining table. 3. Lay insulation pads If you want to really prevent the solid wood dining table from being scalded, the best tool is the insulation pad. Insulation pads can be divided into many types according to their functions: pot pads, coasters, etc. They are made of pvc, wood and bamboo. Of course, stainless steel metal brackets can also be used as thermal insulation tools. The above is the protection treatment of solid wood dining table organized by Xiaobian, I hope it will be helpful to you! If you want to know more about solid wood dining table, you can pay more attention to our website! Modern Century is a furniture research and development, manufacturing, specialization , a series of furniture manufacturing enterprises.
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