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What should I do when outdoor furniture hits a rainy day?

by:Modern Century     2021-08-20
Outdoor furniture, the most unpredictable thing is the weather. The biggest worry for many people before buying outdoor furniture is that if you accidentally encounter a rainy day, what should you do if the outdoor furniture placed in the yard or terrace gets wet? Moisture and mildew? But these questions are put on Modern Century outdoor furniture, how will it be different? As we all know, ordinary outdoor furniture must be brought back indoors or covered quickly when it rains. If no one happens to be at home, it will suffer. Prolonged rain will make the cushions and cushions of the furniture get wet. Those with poor quality are also prone to mold. Modern Century outdoor furniture does not have such troubles. All cushions and cushions of Modern Century outdoor furniture are made of Sunbrella fabric, which is waterproof and breathable. Secondly, Sunbrella fabric can resist stains and mildew, but waterproof fabric cannot. The entire cushion is waterproof, and zippers and needle holes will allow rainwater to penetrate into the interior, so outdoor furniture has higher requirements for the filling of the cushion cushion. Modern Century outdoor furniture also takes this situation into consideration, so the cushions of Modern Century are filled with quick-drying cotton, which has a higher performance of moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Therefore, it has always been loved by designers in the field of outdoor home furnishing. Compared with ordinary sofa filling sponges, quick-drying cotton can quickly leak water and restore dryness. Even if it is accidentally wetted by rain, it can be dried out in the sun for 2-3 hours without affecting the outdoor furniture. Quality of use. Therefore, rainy days will not cause any quality problems for Modern Century outdoor furniture. Whether it is on the beach, swimming pool, or garden, Modern Century outdoor furniture can adapt well to various scenes.
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