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What type of wicker chair is more suitable for the elderly

by:Modern Century     2021-07-06
There are old people in the family, and I can't wait to give them good. However, due to physical function, habits, preferences and other problems of the elderly, many we think are good but not necessarily suitable for them. For example, we think that soft sofas are comfortable and comfortable, but the elderly like to make wicker chairs more comfortable.
1. Think about it. Compared with the sofa, the wicker chair is flexible and not soft, but also very elastic. The elderly will not get tired from getting stuck in the chair for a long time, and will not press the bones at the same time. For the elderly, their bones are already aging to a certain extent, and the joints are relatively fragile. Therefore, the Modern Century Wicker Chair can make the elderly sit more comfortable and the Wicker Chair has good air permeability. For the elderly In other words, they may like to sit in a chair all day, but in summer it will be relatively hot, and the elderly will lie on it, breathable and comfortable without being stuffy. I believe that they are more willing to lie on a wicker chair to enjoy the cool compared to a sofa.
2. Secondly, the modern Century rattan chair is made of vines, which is a relatively safe material and will not cause harm to the human body. It is a relatively green and environmentally friendly product. There is no need to consider whether its materials and chemical substances are harmful to the human body like a sofa, so the rattan chair is relatively healthy, safe and worry-free.
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