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When it comes to furnishing your home, do you

by:Modern Century     2021-03-23

Your master bedroom is the one place where large grand king size beds can be considered. Master bedrooms are usually the largest bedroom in the house, and king size beds accompanied by two bedside tables on either sides can easily fit in to most master bedrooms. Try and pick platform storage beds; they give you additional storage space that is very handy for storing blankets, winter clothes and shoes and extra clothes. You will find that a large variety in modern platform beds with storage are available for rooms done in a contemporary design, while classically decorated rooms can use a wooden double bed with a massive carved headboard that comes with storage.

For your guest room, which is rarely used, you have the option to either buy a queen size bed or use two wood beds, separated by a bedside table. The final choice will depend on the kind of space you have and also the kind of guests that frequently visit. If you have a lot of couple friends that stay over, a queen size bed is a great option. If you have more singles, visiting at the same time, opt for two wood beds separated by a table and lamp. A good way to make this room more functional is to buy wooden double bed or single beds that also come with storage. Choose beds that have easy to access drawers to store extra shoes, linen and towels. If budget is a constraint, wrought iron beds can be considered for the guest room since this is not a room that needs to be furnished keeping in mind the comfort and durability of furniture, since the bed will not be used every day.

For your child's room, choose a bed that suits the personality and lifestyle of the kid. If the room is very small, a wooden single bed with a pull out extra bed for friends to stay over is a great option. Remember, for kids the bed is just one thing in the room and their rooms need enough space for a study table, book rack as well as some play area. So don't pick a double bed that covers the entire room and leaves no area for a desk; instead choose bunk beds, single beds or convertible beds.

If you don't have a spare guest room but do have a study, use a sofa cum bed in this space to accommodate extra guests. If your home doesn't even have space for a study, using leather sofa beds in the living room is a functional, utilitarian and value for money idea.

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