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When it comes to planning the entire wedding,

by:Modern Century     2021-03-18

Traditionally, round tables are used to seat guests during the reception. In a table setting, a centrepiece plays an important role as eye candy. Normally, a round table layout always has a medium sized centrepiece or a focal point in the middle of the table. In the event that the tables to be used are rectangular, its best to use a number of smaller centrepieces laid out symmetrically along the length of the table. A favourite choice for a centrepiece will always be a flower arrangement whether they are real or artificial. Real flowers are always the best option to have because it is organic and the smell of fresh flowers always contributes to the ambiance of the venue. The only problem you will have with this is that it cannot be arranged months ahead of schedule unlike artificial flower arrangements. So, if you do choose to opt for a centrepiece made out of fresh flowers it is important to source them from a reliable florist. It would be better to get referrals from friends and relatives who have hired them before. Candles placed in an ornately designed candle holder or floating candles in a glass bowl of water are also popular and practical choice as these can be sourced months or even a year in advance. Other centrepieces that can be used are miniature trees or shrubs, vases with table crystals, wedding favours, fruit, candy and really, anything that would look good at middle of the table. In choosing a centrepiece, keep in mind that they do not necessarily all have to be the same item. Different items can be used for each table as long as they all coordinate well with a theme. Also think about availability of the item on the day itself. For anything edible or organic, they cannot be sourced ahead of time so always do a background check on the person or company that you are most likely to hire. Also consider the size of the centrepiece as it should not be too small and easily overlooked or too large and tall that takes up too much space and will give difficulty for your guests to look and converse across the table.

Next, choose your table linen. As a tradition, these are always white or ivory but these would not be practical if they do not go with your colour theme. Pastels are a great choice. If you want to cut back on expensive centrepieces, you may always opt for ornately designed or patterned table linen with simple centrepiece. The colour of table linen for each table does not have to match. You can choose different shades of your colour theme as a great alternative. Chairs are also almost always covered with the same table linen you pick for colour coordination. Make sure to inspect your table linen the day before to make sure that they are clean and stain free.

Lastly, do not forget other important decorations such as wedding favours for each guest and wedding place card holders so your guests know where their seat is. To add more glamour to your wedding table, you may add confetti or table crystals or even fairy lights.

Remember, wedding table decorations do not need to be a lot in quantity. A few beautiful pieces that are carefully chosen to go with your overall theme are enough to make your wedding reception glamorous. Give a lot of thought into this because you want your wedding to look classy and glamorous, not over the top. When you reminisce years after and look at pictures in your wedding albums, you want your pictures to be a remembrance of how beautiful that day and that everything was given a lot of thought and truly a work of art. Pictures that deserve a place in your wedding album.

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