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When was the last time that you did your feet a favour?

by:Modern Century     2021-03-26

Maybe you try to rest them on an ottoman or cushion whenever you can. Perhaps you coddle them in warm, soft slippers to keep them from getting cold. You may even treat them to a foot massage or a pedicure periodically to get them feeling and looking their best.

Those are all great ways to pamper your feet. But have you ever done something that strengthens your feet and makes them healthier?

Now you can with footwear by MBT. Not only will MBT shoes help strengthen your feet, but they'll do the same for your entire body as well!

Wearing shoes from MBT, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, can lead to a sharp increase in your overall health. Scientific research has proven that with MBT shoes, you can look forward to:

*muscles in your feet, legs, stomach, back, and backside becoming stronger

*blood circulation operating more smoothly

*varicose veins and cellulite vanishing

*aches and pains in your joints disappearing

*muscle tension decreasing

*posture and gait improving

So how do MBT shoes accomplish all this?

It's simple: MBT shoes are designed differently than any other footwear line. Instead of a flat bottom, each MBT shoe has a rounded base, which creates a rolling action after each step you take. This unique movement causes many different muscle groups to work harder, thus toning and strengthening your muscles and boosting your overall health!

As the name implies, Masai Barefoot Technology is based on the idea that men and women were meant to walk without shoes just like our ancestors did. Thousands of years of evolution have produced a human body which functioned most efficiently when walking barefoot over soft, uneven ground (like sand, leaves, loose soil, or moss).

Of course, it is very difficult to accomplish this today. Not only does society dictate that we eschew going barefoot, but we also rarely walk on truly soft surfaces anymore. As a result, our bodies have adjusted to these new conditions, albeit at the expense of our posture, gait, and muscle fitness.

But MBT shoes recreate this 'barefoot ideal' with their curved design. It's all made possible by the Masai sensor, which is the cornerstone of MBT's patented sole construction. Located directly beneath the heel of each shoe, this sensor simulates walking or standing on ground which is uneven, rather than flat. Not only will you notice the rolling action every time you take a step, but walking in a pair of MBT shoes creates what is called 'natural instability.' This means that the tiny muscles in your feet, which act as the body's natural shock absorbers, move very subtly to intuitively compensate for your lack of total balance. So these muscles are working harder with every step and are becoming stronger in the process.

Together, the rolling action and the natural instability created by MBT shoes exercise the entire musculoskeletal system of the body. So not only are your making your foot muscles stronger, but you're also fortifying your leg muscles, tightening your stomach muscles, and bolstering your back muscles. In addition, your posture naturally becomes more vertical instead of leaning forward like the body is wont to do in regular shoes.

And the best part? MBT shoes give you all of these health benefits without you having to allocate extra time to work out! You can forget about going to the gym, taking exercise classes, or running or walking through your neighborhood. MBT shoes will make your body firmer and healthier simply while wearing them during your daily routine. In fact, you'll burn more calories walking or even standing in MBT shoes than you would in regular footwear. So every time you walk between your workplace and your car, up and down flights of stairs, or even around your home, your muscles, joints, and bones will be getting stronger and feeling better!

MBT offers several styles and colors of athletic shoes for both men and women. But you can also purchase MBT sandals and casual footwear which are appropriate for professional settings. Women can even buy MBT boots for an extra touch of fashion flair!

Though the MBT footwear collection is classified as 'shoes,' the term is misleading, because MBT creates what is actually the antithesis of the shoe. Think about it.

*MBT soles are curved instead of flat.

*MBT footwear is naturally unstable, not rigid and supportive.

*MBT footwear works your muscles to make them healthier instead of undermining them to wear them out.

*MBT footwear is designed to help your entire body, not just your feet.

MBT shoes are scientifically proven to produce health benefits for your muscles, joints, and internal systems. So why wait? Purchase a pair of MBT shoes today! Your feet (and the rest of your body) will thank you for it!

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