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When you buy the wooden furniture in the furniture center

by:Modern Century     2021-03-13

Firstly, the function and sizes of furniture should meet the use requirements. For example, the pure height of writing desk should be higher than 580mm, the height of tablet chair should be between 420mm and 440mm, the inner width of armchair should be wider than 460mm, the space in the wardrobe for keep long size cloth should be higher than 1350mm while higher than 850mm for keeping short size clothes.

Secondly, wood as the raw material for wooden furniture should be under the drying process and the content of moisture should be lower than 12 percent. The wood which is corroded by the insects should not be used as raw material, at the same time, the surface of furniture and furniture used for keep items should not be made from wood which contain resin pocket.

Thirdly, the overall structure of wooden furniture should be solid and the framework must not be loose.

Fourthly, all the parts on the furniture made from artificial board should be disposed with the right ways, all the accessories should be installed accurately, there should be no missing nails and other.

Fifthly, the surface of board such as doors board, countertops board should be smooth without significantly warping. Under normal circumstances, the diagonal line on the surface should be equal or longer than 1400mm.

Sixthly, the doors of cupboard and the drawer switch should be flexible to open and close. When two-thirds of the drawers is pulled out, the sag degree should be equal or less than 20mm and left and right degree for swinging should be equal to 15 mm.

Seventh, all the wooden furniture should be complete and stable. When the two doors of cupboard are opened with 90 degrees, the body of cupboard can't automatically tilt forward when pulling by hands gently. The glass on bookcase should be disposed with edging skills.

Eighth, if the panel is made from thin wood and other raw materials, they are should be tight and smooth.

Ninth, it is important to use the right ways to maintain wooden furniture.

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