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by:Modern Century     2021-03-29

Psychological studies have found that colors do affect our moods and, not surprisingly, our appetites. For example, reds and oranges have been shown to stimulate appetite, whereas blue and purples sometimes act as suppressants. Greens and yellows encourage folks to linger over the table with green leading to more relaxing interchanges while yellow prompts more stimulating conversations.

Before deciding on your paint color, however, you'll want to evaluate other factors of the room such as ceiling height, lighting fixtures, windows and natural light, the shape of the space, and its proximity or connection to other rooms of the house. For example, if the dining room is part of the living room, you'll want to bridge the space.

In addition, if you already have your furniture or are buying replacement tables, chairs, cabinets or hutches, you'll want to coordinate them with your wall coverings. If the chair seats have fabric covers, you may find your wall color or colors could be pulled from that fabric block.

Finally, consider the floor and its effect on your decision. Hardwoods come in a broad range of light and dark tones and dull to shiny finishes. Of course, carpeting and decorative rugs add another dimension to the space. You'll want to consider their color, texture and design.

All these variables can impact the color of paint you choose for your walls, but you need not select just one. And, you don't have to settle for just your basic eggshell or satin finish - although if you're going with only one color, that likely is the best option.

Of all the rooms in the house, the dining room is the one where formality and informally are equally commonplace. Indeed some households use their dining room only on special occasions. Others gather at the table every evening to talk about the day's events. Some people host weekly card games or extended family dinners. And, of course, couples want to be able to have an intimate dinner for two on anniversaries or other special date nights.

Because of its use not only by individual family members, but also by their respective guests, the dining room offers the ideal space to experiment with different decorative effects. During holidays, it's extremely easy to change the space with just a switch of the tablecloth or table settings. Throw in a few festive balloons, candles or displays, and the entire tone changes yet again.

Often dining rooms are divided horizontally with a chair rail or wall border. Complementary paint colors are then placed above and below the dividing element. The look can be quite elegant. Crown moldings and/or base moldings also can add an air of sophistication.

If the dining room is part of another room, such as the aforementioned living room, it may be best to select a color that can extend from the living room into the dining space on the common walls. Then you can add a pop of color on the one wall that is furthest from the living room. This color could be a bold red, orange, pink, gold or even black to create a dramatic statement without overwhelming the other nearby rooms.

Another alternative is to apply a faux finish, vertical striping, color blocking or other decorative wall design to the base coat to add dimension and interest.

Whatever colors you choose for your dining room - from palest neutral to brightest green to deepest chocolate - you'll be in good company. The dining room offers a myriad of options in color selection, and almost anything goes. It's just a matter of finding what best fits you and your lifestyle.

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