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Which material is better for Chinese solid wood dining table? Do you understand?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-23
Since ancient times, people have been inseparable from dining tables and chairs. Nowadays, people have higher and higher regulations on dining tables and chairs, which are not only good for environmental protection, but also have decorative design effects. Solid wood panels are more environmentally friendly in the market and are favored by consumers. Chinese solid wood dining table is a Chinese solid wood dining table product, which is the most popular product on the market. There are many raw materials for Chinese-style solid wood dining tables on the market, such as ash, red oak, and Chinese-style solid wood dining tables. Next, I will introduce to you which kind of wood is good for Chinese solid wood dining table. 1. Fraxinus mandshurica has a hard texture, thick tissue, straight lines, and is extremely beautiful. In addition, it has good anti-corrosion, water resistance, toughness, good coloring properties, and good decorative properties. It is the current furniture, More wood is used in interior decoration. 2. Trees such as beech come from the south of my country. Although they are not precious trees, they are widely used in the market. Their texture is firm and heavy, with strong impact resistance, and they are easy to bend under steam and can be Make shapes. The texture of beech is clear, the tone is soft and smooth, and it is a medium and high-grade furniture material. 3. Oak This is also a very common tree species. It has obvious mountain-shaped wood grain, excellent texture when touched by hand, and also has the characteristics of solid texture, so the finished product has a firm structure and a long service life. However, there are very few high-quality tree species, so that there are many phenomena of replacing oak with rubber wood in the market. No matter what material you choose for the dining table, you must consider whether it matches the style of the restaurant. When purchasing, pay attention to the shape and color of the dining table and whether it matches the overall style of the home. The above are the relevant introductions of the three commonly used raw materials for Chinese solid wood dining tables. If you want to know more about Chinese solid wood dining tables, you can pay more attention to us!
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