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Why do solid wood dining tables and chairs have expansion joints?

by:Modern Century     2022-04-27
Have you observed high-end solid wood furniture, especially mahogany furniture, you will find that there is often a gap that is neither wide nor narrow at the side of the furniture panel. The solid wood dining table is a table made of solid wood as the main material for dining. Generally, the furniture made of solid wood is rarely mixed with other materials, and the main materials and auxiliary materials are rarely used. The four legs and the panel are all solid wood. Most of the connections between the holes, and the panels are the same. Let me introduce to you why solid wood dining tables and chairs should leave an expansion joint. 1. In order to prevent furniture from being deformed, expansion joints must be reserved. The longitudinal shrinkage of the wood is not large, and generally there is no need to leave expansion joints at both ends. Some manufacturers leave seams on all sides, which looks relatively good. There are also some manufacturers who make furniture without leaving expansion joints, but not leaving it does not mean that there are no, because manufacturers are not absolutely sure about the drying of wood, generally the moisture content of wood is higher than the moisture content of air, so even if no expansion joints are left during production, furniture production There will also be seams after the completion, and a considerable part of the furniture has seams regardless of the dry and wet seasons, but the size is different. In areas with large differences in humidity and dryness throughout the year, expansion joints are necessary. In the rainy season, the air humidity is high. Although the wood is artificially dried, the wood will still absorb moisture during the furniture production process, and the volume will increase. Generally, there is no need to leave expansion joints. When the climate is dry in winter, expansion joints will also appear. When artificially dried wood is used to make furniture, expansion joints are generally left, otherwise, the large edge will be swelled and damaged after the arrival of wet summer. Second, the solid wood dining table and chairs should leave expansion joints to curb the 'thermal expansion and contraction' of the wood and prolong the service life. 1. The expansion joint is to prevent the frame or corner tenon of the furniture from cracking when the wood shrinks or expands under the influence of the external environment. 2. In order to reduce the deformation of wood, wood has a strict drying process before it is made into furniture, and some may take more than a month to bake. In order to control the quality of the standard manufacturers, the water content of the products sold to different regions is also different. Even so, in order to prevent the furniture from deforming, expansion joints must be reserved. The above is the reason why the solid wood dining table and chairs should be left with expansion joints. I hope it will be helpful to everyone! If it is solid wood furniture, then the surface of the tabletop and board surface generally does not have expansion joints. If there is, it may be due to the following two reasons: one is that the desktop board is a frame structure, and the other is that there are other special processes or materials on the desktop. Among them, the frame structure is the most commonly used combination of plank and wood furniture, and attention should be paid to distinguish it. Finally, I would like to remind everyone that expansion joints are the 'self-protection system' of solid wood furniture. There is no need to worry when the size is uneven, and most of them will return to their original appearance after seasonal changes.
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