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Wicker chair cleaning and maintenance

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
In summer, many elderly people like to sit in wicker chairs to enjoy the cool. It should be noted that the use of rattan chairs should pay attention to cleaning and regular maintenance at any time to extend its service life.

Daily cleaning is indispensable, but it is also necessary to regularly remove dust. You can place a soft brush on the mesh and gently brush the dust from the inside to the outside, from top to bottom; then use a clean cloth dampened with water , Wipe gently from the inside to the outside, from the tightly woven part to the loosely woven part. If it is stubborn, you can use a rag with a little cleaning fluid to wipe, and the wiping sequence is the same as above. This wiping sequence will not allow the remaining liquid to flow to the looser position of the weave, which is conducive to the rapid evaporation of water. If you want to paint, you can use the spray method after the water has evaporated, so that all the corners and recesses of the rattan chair can be painted.

Maintenance Wicker chairs can have a long service life only if they are well maintained. There are three points to pay attention to during the use of the rattan chair: First, avoid direct sunlight, because strong sunlight will make the rattan brittle and fade, which will easily cause the rattan to loosen and come off. If the wicker chair is placed in a room with strong sunlight, it can be separated by a translucent curtain to protect the wicker chair. Second, the wicker chair is afraid of getting wet. The structure of a wicker chair that has been exposed to moisture will become increasingly loose, and it is easy to breed mildew, making its appearance greatly compromised, so frequent ventilation is very necessary. Third, avoid corrosion. During use, avoid contact with corrosive chemical liquids, alcohol, nail polish, etc., to avoid discoloration or paint peeling.
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