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Wicker chair manufacturers, no rest in the hot summer

by:Modern Century     2021-09-10
In recent years, indoor and natural air pollution caused by furniture production has become more and more serious. It has caused people to be vigilant just like building material pollution and home decoration pollution. Choosing environmentally friendly materials and all hand-woven rattan furniture to make furniture is to ensure that the environment and air quality are free of pollution, and you can enjoy a healthy home life. Rattan can be biodegraded, so the use of rattan furniture is conducive to environmental protection and will not pollute the environment. Rattan furniture has quietly become a favorite of the public and people's awareness of indoor environmental protection and pollution-free air environment is inseparable. Rattan furniture combines hand-weaving with industrial production, combining different shapes, different patterns and even fabrics ingeniously, all maintaining the original colors, and each piece is like a handicraft given by nature. It is a shortcut to pull in the relationship between man and nature. Natural bridge. Using rattan furniture is like collecting handicrafts, so you can easily enjoy comfortable, cool and natural rattan furniture at any time in this busy and nature-lack city, so that you can spend you comfortably. Happy life. At 6 o'clock in the morning, after a stroll, when you stroll in your courtyard, sit under or surrounded by flowers and plants, and feel the comfort and coolness brought by the rattan furniture under you. , As the sun slowly rises, take a leisurely cup of tea, temporarily put aside the busy work and all the worries, quietly enjoy 'If the mountain is not high, there is a fairy; if the water is not deep, there is a dragon. Spirit; money is not a lot, health is blessing.' At five o’clock in the afternoon, after you get off work, you will return to your warm and natural home under the still hot sun with your beloved under the rattan fence and in the rattan furniture. In the small nature with green leaves, breathe in the breeze and enjoy the setting sun until the moonlights in the middle of the night. Nowadays, for most families, the balcony is the epitome of the courtyard. Then place a rattan lounge chair, place a few pots of green plants, or simply throw in a few round woven mats. A small natural courtyard can also make people relax and enjoy it. In summer, many people suffer from air-conditioning dependence, and they will not adapt to artificial air-conditioning. Long-term use of air conditioners can cause neurasthenia, insomnia, dizziness and other symptoms, which is not conducive to health. The ancients said that a calm mind is naturally cool, which shows how important it is to create a cool environment. Rattan furniture has strong air permeability and a refreshing feel. The rustic natural color of rattan can help calm the nerves. If you use rattan furniture as much as possible in the bedroom in summer, it will be beneficial to summer and sleep. An elegant rattan bed, an exquisite rattan bed cabinet, rattan bed lamp, floor lamp, and a rattan curtain create a cool and small view. Many people have a prejudice against the use of rattan and wood furniture. They think that rattan beds can only be used for one season and are large in size. They are not as easy to store as cool pillows and summer mats after the season. In fact, rattan furniture is warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, it has to undergo cooking, drying, bleaching, mold proofing, disinfection and sterilization during the original processing process. Can benefit. This is also one of the reasons for the higher prices of rattan furniture.
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