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Wicker chair mother has a pair of skillful hands

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Do you have an old rattan chair in your house, which has become black and old under the erosion of the years, showing signs of broken rattan? There is a rattan chair processing shop in Fuxiang in the urban town. The boss can repair the rattan chair for you and let you relive the time sitting on the rattan chair.

Nowadays, there are few locals who make hand-made rattan chairs in the urban area, and Chen Xiaomian, who is 17 years old and 50 years old, is still sticking to this craft. Various chairs made of rattan bark, rattan core or rattan are filled with small facades. It takes 1 kg of rattan to make a rattan chair and it takes 3 days, while weaving rattan takes at least 2 days. The sharp rattan does not lose to the kitchen knife. Summer is fine. In winter, the hands are often cut and bleed. Chen Xiaomian's palm was rough, and several wounds had not healed completely.

Leisure Wicker Chair

Chen Xiaomian said that after marriage, he also engaged in weaving rattan chairs, both for bringing children and for the family's livelihood. In 2005, the Heping Community Neighborhood Committee of Lizhong Street included her on the aid list of 'poor mothers' and helped to apply for interest-free loans. The cash flow of the shop was much more flexible. Thirty years ago, a wicker chair was more than 50 yuan, and now a wicker chair is more than 500 yuan, and the style has evolved from three or four to more than 40. Relying on his own craftsmanship, reputation and word of mouth, Chen Xiaomun’s wicker chair The market has always been good.

'The wicker chair is very durable. It can be used for at least 10 years, and the longest can reach 50 years, so it is not easy to sell.' Chen Xiaomian said with a smile, the replacement of wicker chairs is slow. Her advantage lies in the after-sales service. Any problem with the chair can be repaired at any time. Yesterday, Lizhong Street organized 12 'poor mothers' in the area to visit the East Street Zhuangyuan Street and Yuanmiaoguan landscape along the way, and also came to Chen Xiaomian's rattan chair processing shop to see her 'happiness project'. 'The wicker chair is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the height and backrest are very comfortable. Elderly people especially like it.' Chen Xiaomian said that most of her clients are elderly people, and old-fashioned furniture wicker chairs accompany them through the years.
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