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Wicker chair-no longer original, low-key

by:Modern Century     2021-07-05
Although the old wicker chair was comfortable to sit on, it always gave people a primitive and low-key feeling, because at that time, the use value was the first, and as long as it was comfortable, it replaced everything.
Nowadays, the rattan furniture infused with fashion elements has completely faded the original and low-key image, and it has become the frontier of fashion in a 'stately' manner. The posture is like wild vegetables after the delicacy of mountains and seas, retaining comfort but not losing fashion. In the value concept dominated by fashion and individuality, the ornamental value of furniture is likely to be higher than the use value. A set of fashionable Nordic rattan chairs and Nordic rattan sofas can 'show off' its own alternative, uniqueness and taste, because the impression of vine plants is not single and boring, it is tortuous and changeable, rigid and flexible, different from other hardwoods The stern look, vines, like humans, have extremely strong plasticity. Therefore, the Nordic rattan furniture packaged in modern craftsmanship shows its unique charm.
The variety of weaving methods and styling forms of wicker chairs give people a relaxing and leisurely feeling. There is a large selection range, which can be suitable for all kinds of people at all levels. Rattan chairs and rattan sofas are generally painted dark maroon or bronze, etc. The chairs can be added with soft cushions; rattan tables and tables are generally round and square tables, with wood, glass, stone and other textures as auxiliary, most of which do not have tablecloths. A few use checkered cloth as tablecloths to add a sense of liveliness.
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