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Wicker chair

by:Modern Century     2021-05-28
Wicker chairs are a broad term for furniture, which are divided into real wicker chairs and imitation wicker chairs according to their materials. According to the materials used, it is divided into wooden rattan chairs, aluminum rattan chairs, bamboo rattan chairs, iron rattan chairs and so on. Before customizing, figure out these first to avoid mistakes and omissions.

1. The real rattan material is generally imported from Indonesia, and it is made into rattan that can be woven through multiple processes such as steaming, disinfection, polishing, and oiling. It is woven into solid wood frames and bamboo frames to form a series of products such as solid wood rattan sofas and solid wood rattan beds. This series of products is only suitable for indoor use;

2. Rattan-like materials are mainly made of PE environmentally friendly plastics, imitating the texture, thickness, color and so on of real rattan to make rattan. It is woven into various rattan chairs, sofas, tables and chairs and so on. Because the rattan-like material is added with UV anti-ultraviolet ingredients, it can be used for a long time under the conditions of sun and rain. You can add various pigments to make a variety of colors, so it is richer than the color of real rattan. Various advantages are destined to replace real rattan with imitation rattan as the main force in the rattan furniture industry. At present, in European and American countries, the use of rattan-like materials in the rattan furniture industry has reached more than 93%.

3. Customization elements: item number, picture, size, rattan number (provided by the rattan factory), frame material (aluminum, stainless steel, iron), cushion cloth number, sponge density thickness, unit price quantity;

4. Our factory has 1,300 mature styles for customization. Therefore, according to the reference pictures provided by the various customizers, we can ensure that there are products with the greatest similarity in the product library; save time and effort! save costs!

5. Our factory's aluminum materials and more than 110 kinds of rattans are in stock, 45 kinds of cushion cloths are stocked, and 7 kinds of density sponges are also stocked;

6. The cost of a single piece of customization is obviously higher than that of mass production, so the customized quotation is not indicative. If there is a request for bulk goods, please inform in advance when making an inquiry.
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